The Best Links to Buy in Pandabuy

Whether it’s Shein or AliExpress, we all have one or more online buying platforms on our mobiles. But gradually, lesser-known platforms like Pandabuy are gaining popularity, attracting users interested in finding the best links to buy on Pandabuy. This ‘dropshipping’ app stands out for its hidden treasure of offers, allowing users to buy clothes at incredibly low prices.

Step-by-Step PandaBuy Tutorial

How to Use the Links to Buy on Pandabuy

Before delving into the best bargain links, it’s essential to know how to use these links. In this video, I will walk you through the easiest way to shop from Pandabuy, a popular online marketplace for a variety of products. Follow these simple steps to make your shopping experience smooth and enjoyable.

Searching directly for a specific product may not yield the desired results, as many stores working with Pandabuy don’t display their results through direct searches. Instead, it’s necessary to access their catalogs using direct links.

Typically, if you have the app installed, clicking on a link that leads to the platform will automatically open and show the desired product. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the link into the search box at the top.

Where to Find Links to Buy in Pandabuy

Now that we understand the importance of links, let’s discover where to find links to buy on Pandabuy. While the platform’s presence in Spain might not be as extensive as Shein or AliExpress, several affiliates share links to their products.

As with any online purchase, finding good links to buy on Pandabuy requires some searching. There are Telegram channels like PandabuyFashion with over 85,000 subscribers who eagerly await links to clothing items and accessories. These links range from replicas of high-heeled shoes from popular international brands to soccer jerseys for the 2023/2024 season.

Additionally, on the social network Meta, you can find groups like PandabuyHauls, which showcases massive orders mainly consisting of sneakers, casual wear, and soccer shirts. The group also offers tutorials on using the app effectively.

Twitter’s search engine can still be effective in finding users who share links or accounts showcasing items available for purchase on Pandabuy. Some active accounts to explore are PandaDeals (featuring QR codes for easy access) and PandabuyLinks (with various links in their bio).

Pandabuy Links with Brand Products

One of Pandabuy’s main attractions is the opportunity to get replicas of top fashion brands at remarkably low prices. Among the Pandabuy links to branded products, PandabuySpain stands out, offering a subsection where you can find replica haute couture garments easily.

While Spanish users tend to favor platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram, Reddit is another valuable source for finding links in Pandabuy. The subreddit regularly shares a vast array of products that can be purchased. Although direct links may not always appear, QR codes or specific codes in the images’ corners can lead you to the desired items.

Instagram is another platform where you can find links to brand name clothing replicas on Pandabuy. Some profiles have accumulated thousands of followers eagerly waiting for affordable sneakers or sweatshirts to be featured. PandaFashion is one such profile showcasing a variety of items available at Pandabuy’s partner stores.

Google spreadsheets are also utilized for sharing links, such as PandabuyLinksSheet, which provides access to top brand sports shoes, clothing, and accessories. You can also find a discount coupon in their bio to save even more on Pandabuy purchases, making it a promising alternative to AliExpress or Temu this summer.


1. How do I use links to buy on Pandabuy effectively?

To use links to buy on Pandabuy, you can either click on the link leading to the desired product, or copy and paste the link into the search box within the app.

2. Where can I find the best links to buy in Pandabuy?

The best places to find links are Telegram channels like PandabuyFashion, Meta groups like PandabuyHauls, Twitter accounts like PandaDeals and PandabuyLinks, Reddit subreddit, Instagram profiles, and Google spreadsheets such as PandabuyLinksSheet.

3. Can I find links to branded products on Pandabuy?

Yes, Pandabuy offers links to replicas of top fashion brands at affordable prices. Platforms like PandabuySpain and others specifically cater to these branded products.

4. Are there tutorials on how to use the Pandabuy app?

Yes, you can find tutorials on using the app effectively, especially in groups like PandabuyHauls on the Meta social network.

5. Is the Pandabuy platform available in Spain?

Yes, the Pandabuy platform is available in Spain, though its presence may not be as extensive as other popular platforms.

6. Are there accounts on Twitter sharing Pandabuy links?

Yes, active accounts like PandaDeals and PandabuyLinks regularly share links and accounts showcasing items available for purchase on Pandabuy.

7. Can I find discounted items on Pandabuy?

Yes, some profiles on platforms like Instagram and Google spreadsheets provide discount coupons to apply to purchases made on Pandabuy, offering even more value for money.