Get Paid $45 Every 30 Minutes with GOOGLE and PayPal (I Tried It)

Have you ever heard of a method to make over a thousand dollars just by copying and pasting text online? Well, today, I’m going to reveal a secret strategy that allows anyone around the world to earn money without selling anything, without needing social media followers or doing affiliate marketing. The best part? This method requires no investment and no experience. Intrigued? Keep reading to discover three secret websites where you can start earning money right now.

The Strategy

Watch this entire video to make sure you fully understand how the process works:

Step 1: Using Google

Google is a free tool that can help you make big money online in less than 30 minutes. Just follow the steps I outline in this video.

Step 2: Google News

Go to Here, you’ll find recent news and articles on a variety of topics. Choose a category that interests you, such as Health, and select an article.

Step 3: Copying and Pasting

Copy some text from the chosen article. Then, head over to, where you’ll paste the text. Spinbot will rewrite the article, making it unique and free from copyright issues.

Step 4: Submitting Articles

Now, with your unique article, I’ll show you three websites where you can submit these articles and get paid.


Submit your articles to They pay for each word you write. For example, a 1000-word article can earn you $1000.


Sierra Club also accepts article submissions. They have different requirements and pay rates compared to EatingWell.


This site pays slightly less, at 30 cents per word, but it’s still a lucrative opportunity.

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This method is a straightforward way to make money online. By leveraging free resources like Google News and Spinbot, you can generate income without any initial investment. If you found this video helpful, don’t forget to like and subscribe for more content like this.