Would you like to be paid to watch movies and series all day? Netflix has that ideal job

Would you like to be paid to watch movies and series all day? Netflix employs a group of around 30 people who do exactly that.

The use of “netflix tagger” consists of viewing the movies and television series included in the streaming service and labeling them with category information and metadata, which directly influences the recommendation algorithm and the way the content is displayed to users.

However, in certain cases, this job might not be so ideal, since you have to see all kinds of content and not just the one you prefer.

the labeller Sherrie Gulmahamad He commented that the job, which involves watching more than 20 hours of Netflix a week, is like being a librarian with extensive knowledge of how series or movies are related. As an example, he explains that the supernatural content category includes tags such as zombies, witches, dragons, cannibals, bigfoot, mad scientists, mutants, magical creatures, angels and demons, among others.

In the company website Positions are available for this job, which is officially called an “Editorial Analyst”, and which requires the ability to distinguish nuances within different genres of movies and series, the ability to distill the essence of a movie/series, and share findings concisely . In addition, more than five years of experience in the film and/or television industry is requested.

How much do they pay?

According to the specialized site Paysa -which measures the salaries of companies in the United States- a “tagger” can earn US$73,000 a year. It works from the headquarters in Los Angeles (USA).

Netflix publishes its job offers regularly on its employment pagewhere anyone can upload their CV and apply from anywhere in the world.

And you, do you sign up?


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