World Tourism Day 2022: why it is celebrated, when it is, what is its motto and how to celebrate it –

Tourism is one of the greatest pleasures to aspire to in life. Being able to be tourists allows us to get to know other cities, towns or countries and thereby enrich our culture and also, of course, meet people of all nationalities. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a day for those who travel and we want to talk about it next, about the World Tourism Day 2022: why it is celebrated, when it is, what is its motto and how to celebrate it.

Maybe the world tourism day It is not a day fixed in the calendar as something as remarkable as the celebration of Holy Week, summer holidays or Christmas, but the truth is that it is an important day if we take into account that Spain has based a large part of its economy in tourism and what it collects from the millions of tourists who visit us at the end of the year. Something that has been quite damaged by the current pandemic, so it is more than remarkable the importance of celebrating a day dedicated to tourism.

World Tourism Day 2022: why it is celebrated

The World Tourism Day or World Tourism Day is now in its 42nd anniversary. Established in September 1979 by the United Nations General Assembly, it is celebrated internationally on September 27. This month is also significant as it marks the end of the largest tourist surge in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of the tourist season in the Southern Hemisphere.

The mission of this world-renowned event is the promotion and development of forms of sustainable and responsible tourism. The objective is to underline the important social, economic and cultural repercussions of this sector.

This year the focus is on combining tourism and work for a better future for all. In 2022, Cape Townbecomes the official venue.

Tourism has proven to be an activity with great resilience despite the effects of the global economic crisis that began in 2010 and also despite the pandemic.

World Tourism Day 2022: when is it

Since 1980, World Tourism Day has been celebrated annually around the world on September 27. It was on this day in 1970 that the UNWTO Statutes that are considered a milestone in world tourism were approved. The UNWTO celebrated the first World Tourism Day as an international observance on September 27, 1980.

The purpose of this day is raise awareness of the importance of tourism in affecting the social, cultural, political and economic values ​​of the international community. Raising awareness of the tourism sector is important today, given that 90% of World Heritage Sites have closed as a result of the pandemic and young people in rural communities are three times more likely to be unemployed.

However, domestic tourism is expected to return before international tourism, according to the UNWTO forecast. This could benefit rural communities if managed well.

World Tourism Day 2022: what is its motto and how to celebrate it

This year, the theme of World Tourism Day 2022 is: “Tourism for inclusive growth”

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has come to a standstill, but it is time to return to our normal lives and, in terms of tourism, highlight the efforts of all those who make it possible for us to travel and enjoy our experience as tourists. in a safe way.

As we have already said, this year the host country to celebrate World Tourism Day is Cape Town.

How does tourism generate employment?

Thanks to tourism, employment is created for 300 million people in the world, both directly and indirectly. something like saying that 1 in 10 jobs in the world belong to the tourism sector. In addition, to be able to work in the tourism sector, people who have studied this career and are well prepared are necessary, but you can also employ people who do not have higher education or who have not even finished their training.

If you look you can find travel agents, hotel managers or tour guides, all of them with their training, but also hotel waiters, restaurant waiters, or cleaners who may not have studied or do not have a university degree but who are also part of of the sector.

World Tourism Day 2022: how to celebrate it

World Tourism Day, now in its 42nd edition this year, is confirmed as one of the most anticipated and important anniversaries at the international level.

This year’s edition aims to highlight the importance of tourism in the world of work and opportunities, with special attention to the process of protection, safeguarding and conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of rural territories and communities.

What can we do?

After a year of pandemic it seems that tourism is once again active in the main countries, which is why governments and those responsible for the tourism sector want to highlight the importance of traveling again and for this reason, everyone is encouraged to celebrate the Day Tourism World Cup 2022 attending the celebration events that take place in each community (if they are celebrated), but also traveling again. In this way we can plan trips that are to places close to where we live, or to those countries where the pandemic situation is more controlled or where it is guaranteed that we will be safe.

Thus we will reactivate one of the most impoverished and affected sectors in the last yearoy incidentally we will help the economy of our own country if what we decide is to travel around our communities given the good weather that will still be in September and that for the moment, traveling abroad is seen as something that for the moment continues to have more difficulties than anything else, if we take into account the many restrictions still in place and even the fact that we have to quarantine when traveling.