With which of these Mayan symbols do you feel identified? Your answer will tell you what you prioritize in life

The ancient Mayan civilization had its own symbology, and the representations that have lasted through the centuries have much to say.

In this case, we suggest you use this symbology to determine your personality. Each of these symbols represents an animal, according to the Mayan culture.

Which one do you feel identified with?

Your answer will tell you what is of most value to you in your life.

1. Imix: Lizard

If you chose the first option, you feel identified with a lizard. What you prioritize in life is adaptation.

For you it is very important to be in a calm and peaceful context, and for this you work hard to adapt to different circumstances. Although sudden changes can be a problem for you, in the long run you always manage to get used to it.

But you will always prefer a calm and predictable life to uncertainty and adventure.

2. Chickchan: snake

If you chose the second option, you feel identified with the snake. This is because what you prioritize in life is your independence. You like to go around generating respect and you don’t like to depend on anyone.

You are someone very sure of yourself and you make it noticeable. You like others to admire your charms and cunning. Sometimes, even, you may lack a share of humility.

You go through life making your way and you always get what you set out to do.

3. Manik: deer

The third option represents a deer and means that you prioritize feelings above all else. You are a sensitive person, the kind of person who loves to love and be loved.

You are someone empathetic and generous, and everyone loves you very much. Sometimes, however, your sensitivity can work against you, causing you to get hurt.

Do not let the blows harden your heart, because it is one of the most beautiful things you have.

4. Lamat: rabbit

If you chose the fourth option, you see yourself represented by the rabbit, that is, you prioritize fun and enjoyment. You love to live life, and you understand very well that “carpe diem”: seize the day.

That’s why you love living new experiences all the time and enjoying the things that make you happy to the fullest. You achieve a life with a lot of meaning and very tailored to you.

Of course, you should not forget all those who have always been by your side, and who helped you become who you are today.

5. Ok: dog

The fifth option represents the dog, and if you feel identified with it, it is because what you prioritize in life is loyalty. Like a faithful dog, you commit to others to the fullest.

You are a person of your word, who can always be trusted. Of course, when someone mistrusts you, you can immediately show your teeth. To defend yourself and, above all, to defend your loved ones, you are never afraid.

6. Men: Eagle

If you chose the sixth option, you feel identified with an eagle, and your highest priority in your life is your inner strength. You are interested in enriching yourself as a person and always being prepared for what has to come.

You are rather a hermit and you do not like to socialize too much. But you are always willing to help whoever needs your help, selflessly.

You are a person who commands respect, who knows what he wants and how he wants it. That also makes you quite a perfectionist. But in the end, it is not difficult for you to end up achieving everything you had proposed.