Why do wooden combs make hair prettier?

By: Bony Medina and Aleksey Soto – (ikatu)

Combing your hair is essential, and the brush or comb that we use plays a very important role. According to dermatologists and users, the best option for the health of your hair and scalp are brushes and combs made with natural materials.

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Benefits of wooden combs and brushes in the health of your hair

Wooden combs and brushes are hypoallergenic, that is; prevent allergic reactions on the scalp.

  1. Are antistatic or antifrizzprevent hair frizz.
  2. They provide a soft brushed and without pulling with its rounded tips.
  3. They massage the scalp and have a relaxing effect.
  4. prevent dandruffitching and capillary eczema.
  5. Reactivate microcirculation of the scalp.
  6. They stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth Natural way
  7. spread natural oil (sebum) on your hair, allowing it to look healthy and shiny.
  8. They are very friendly with the scalp since they do not scratch or dryand prevent skin damage.

additional benefit

Currently, most of the combs that we usually find in pharmacies and supermarkets are made of plastic and we all know that plastic does not decompose easily, it takes more than 500 years to do so. Wooden combs and brushes are natural, biodegradable and compostableso once their useful life is over, they return to the ground and quickly start a new cycle as fertilizer, offering nutrients to other plants.

Wooden combs.

How to use them correctly?

For best results using these combs or brushes, always ensure start brushing at the tips, passing the brush gently so as not to pull out the hair. Then brush through the middle and finish by brushing from root to tip, in the same direction to make hair more polished and shiny.

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Where I can find them?

There are hundreds of sustainable stores that sell this type of product, such as ikatu.bio, which offers different models of combs and hairbrushes to choose from, they are made with paradise woodfrom productive forests in Misiones.

The health, vitality and strength of our hair and our planet also depends on the comb we use.


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