Why do dogs lick their paws? Discover the reasons

Prior to to adopt With a pet, you must be very clear that providing them with love, accompanying them in every instance of their lives, carrying out frequent medical check-ups, feeding them properly and especially offering them a welcoming space, is essential for them to remain happy Y healthy. Our best friend will appreciate it!

Faithful and loyal: Important signs of a dog

First of all, it is worth emphasizing that dogs they are very good communicators since through their body and with their voice, they are capable of transmitting moods and emotions. To mention a few: joy, sadness, affection, anger, anger or tenderness. At the same time, the gestures, looks and postures are expressions worth taking into account.

It is fascinating! Those who open their hearts and welcome a pet into their home will receive pure and selfless love in return!

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Reasons why your dog licks his paws

As the specialists announced, constant licking can often be related to emotions, behavior and discomfort. It is also linked to depression or chronic diseases.

Other possible causes, more than common, are allergies, wounds and the appearance of fleas or ticks. On the other hand, lack of physical activity is another warning sign. Did you know that the tireless repetition of that gesture relaxes them?

In other words, considering the contributions of the Juan Enrique Romero:

“Compulsive paw licking in dogs is a behavior that should always attract the attention of the responsible guardian. It is an atypical behavior that can be linked to conditions as diverse as stress or anxiety, or dermatological diseases such as atopy or many times be a consequence of a lack of physical activityā€¯, he stated.

Thus, he emphasized the following: “Compulsively licking one’s paws or hands can be the expression of underlying problems such as separation anxiety, unresolved hyperattachment or plain and simple boredom.”

Certainly this activity becomes a means of communication that expresses their extreme anguish. This is why licking would provide them with a sense of calm in the face of the situation. In line with what was expressed, the experts confessed that if the dog does not stop licking itself, it is because that action causes relaxation.

We thank furry heroes for existing!

What are the tips from professionals? The recommendation is simple. If you observe this daily behavior, you will have to contact the veterinarian for a prognosis and diagnosis in time. to rule out any type of disease that endangers the well-being of the dogs.

If there is no cause of a physiological order, it is behavioral changes such as mentioned above: anxiety, stress, frustration, loneliness and/or overcrowding.

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“Until you have loved an animal, part of your soul will be asleep” (Anatole France)