Why are cats home protectors against ghosts and negative energies?

Did you know that cats have the uncanny ability to protect against ghosts? Did you know that with their aura they can also protect you and cleanse the negative energies of the home?

There are many who believe that cats are magical creatures with positive astral energy and this can be transferred to the people with whom they live every time they caress or brush it. When a cat is scared, we are blocking positive energy. Cats protect houses from ghosts and evil spirits that live in it. That is why it is so important to have a cat in a house.

A cat improves the vibrations not only of its caregiver, but also of the entire family with which it lives, the home and the surroundings. You should not feel angry when one of these animals rubs against you, for in the course of this act he shares his astral force with you. If you remove it, you are depriving yourself of the positive energy that this fantastic animal wants to give you.

The area that they consider their territory remains blessed by their positive vibrations. Their presence helps even when someone has moved to a place where cats lived there in the past.

Cats have abilities to deal with spirits

When a kitten finds spirits in the home, the animal tries to find out the nature of their intentions, and then “absorbs” the bad energies, removing them from the house completely. If you find your cat staring at something or sitting in a particular corner of the house for a long time, it indicates that there are ghosts nearby. Help your pet by reading prayers or performing a cleansing ritual.

If you do not know anything similar, what you can do is fumigate the affected area with wormwood. This medicinal plant is considered a very powerful tool to expel entities. The astral ability of cats is so powerful that they can scare ghosts. In fact, they were not allowed when witches summoned spirits. However, for other rituals they were essential.

Cats can protect from negative energies and the evil eye

There may be people who are jealous of you and give you the evil eye, leading you to lose your health, your money and your luck. If you suspect similar danger around you, get as close to your cat as possible with both hands, then stroke her left paw, continuing to her tail. While you do this, you will have his astral force with you and nothing external can affect you.

The kittens are channels through which cosmic energy is transmitted, and therefore they can clean and protect the good energies of a home. In this way they can contribute so effectively to the prosperity of a human family. Cats choose the zones geopathogenic of the house in which they live. These corners are places with a lot of negative vibrations, and they take care of absorbing them.

Cats also have the power to heal people with emotional stress. They are also used to improve vision problems, where experts recommend stroking the tail of a white cat. It is said that special breeds like the fold Scottish, Persian, bobtail American, or the sphynx or sphinx cat have magical powers.

By playing with them, caressing them and listening to their purr, we can obtain various benefits for our health. Dogs may be man’s best friend and there is no doubt that they can protect us from various physical dangers, but perhaps cats are the true protectors of our mental well-being.