Who is my guardian angel?

Angels are servants and messengers of The Divine. They are beings of light, who are always aware of what happens on the face of the earth. Every guardian angel watches over us. His mission is to help us, guide us, accompany us and protect us when necessary. So it’s normal to want to know.”Who is my guardian angel?to know the being that protects us.

the angels of the choirs

According to Kabbalistic tradition, there is a Celestial Hierarchy, where it speaks of nine angelic choirs organized in three hierarchies with three choirs each. Within each choir, in turn, there are different guardian angels. Each angel influences five calendar dates. You want to know: What is my guardian angel according to my date of birth? Then read on.

First hierarchy: Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones (dedicated to glorifying and praising God).

Second hierarchy: Dominations, Virtues and Powers (rule space and stars).

Third hierarchy: Principalities, Archangels and Guardian Angels (involved in human needs).

Have you ever felt that you got out of a difficult situation in an almost miraculous way? In a second, something changed and you were saved. Or perhaps, at other times you have felt a presence, a sense of not being alone in a room or an open space outside your home.

This was not by magic, nor by chance, most likely your angel was there to protect you. According to the Catholic faith, God sends angels to each person to help and care for them throughout their lives.

Perhaps now you are asking yourself the question: How to know who is my guardian angel? Well very good. Knowing it is very easy, you only need your date of birth.

Who is my guardian angel?

Below you can find all the guardian angels according to the date of birth.

which is my guardian angel: The seraphim

According to tradition, seraphim are the closest angels to God, and the most “ancient” (although angels are beings of light without form or time).

Seraphim are attributed gifts such as purity, vision, intuition, humility, nobility and wisdom.

They are also associated with virtues such as diplomacy, unconditional love, modesty, and patience.

which is my guardian angel: the Cherubim

The name cherub is associated with a young man of great beauty. They are distinguished by staying happy and being very funny and positive.

They have a lot of influence on the wisdom of daily life, and connect people with their inner voice. They also ward off depression and anxiety from the people they guard. He is one of the best guardian angels.

which is my guardian angel: the Thrones

The Thrones are considered as beings who love aesthetics and beauty. That is why they are depicted as very artistic and imaginative attractive-looking young men. They usually play musical instruments or dance with beauty and harmony.

They are also associated with respect, reconciliation, detachment and freedom.

what is my guardian angel: the Dominations

The Angels of Dominations are medical angels. They help to gain control over the passions, finding the balance of the elements in oneself.

They are characterized by being healers and integrators on the physical, emotional and mental levels. They transmit techniques and knowledge necessary for healing, both for humans and for the planet and all its kingdoms (mineral, vegetable, animal).

which is my guardian angel: the Powers

They belong to the second hierarchy of angels, and are presented as soldiers. They are charged with ridding humanity of its evil.

They seek the balance between good and evil and balance light and dark and free people from their negative and contradictory thoughts.

They also keep demons away from people and provide wisdom and serenity.

which is my guardian angel: the Virtues

The mission of the Virtues in the world is to supervise the behavior of people, inspiring them and giving them the confidence to do good.

They are the angels that are present whenever a person strives to be better, to improve himself. In that sense, these guardian angels are charged with energy, and bring strength to the transformation process.

which is my guardian angel: the Principalities

The choir of Principalities is considered the custodian of peace. These angels have the mission of bringing people and nations closer to faith, and avoiding conflicts.

It is said that once the Tower of Babel was brought down, each of the nations was assigned a Principality to serve as protector.

which is my guardian angel: the Archangels

Archangels are supreme beings of light extremely powerful, very wise and loving. They constitute the most important link between the Creator and humanity.

Each one has a specific mission to defend, motivate, guide, heal and bring order and happiness to our lives.

who is my guardian angel: angels

The angels themselves are of the 3rd hierarchy, and are characterized by being closer to humans and to the earth. They have the mission of protecting all humanity, but it is normal that although everyone can help you, they keep asking you who is my guardian angel. Don’t worry, there is one for everyone.

In total, there are 72 angels, and each one governs 5 birth dates on our calendar. In this way it happens that: 72 (angels) x 5 (days) = 360, missing 5 days.

These last 5 dates were identified as the Angels of Humanity or Lords of Suffering and Pain. For people born in the days ruled by the so-called Angels of Humanity, protection is greater because they have the energy of all the angels of all categories.


After reading this note, the uncertainty about how to know who my guardian angel is? should no longer exist. Because as we already told you, to know it you only need your date of birth.

Now, learn how to communicate with your guardian angel for the first time, either to thank him or ask for his help in a specific area of ​​your life.

1- The first step is to isolate yourself in a quiet place that generates peace. Then silently imagine that your angel is by your side. Speak quietly to him about all your problems and concerns.

2- The second step is to remain silent and focus on listening to the thoughts that your guardian angel will place in your mind.

3- Make a commitment with him. How? Offer them your thoughts, words and prayers every day.

4- Try to make your requests, queries and questions as direct as possible, so the answer will be more specific.

5- In any case, you should know that your requests must not be harmful to you or to other people and must be requested at the right time.

6- Finally, remember to be grateful to the guardian angel who helps you and attends to your requests.

Now you know how to know who my guardian angel is and how to communicate with him to ask for his guidance and help. What are you waiting to do it? In a few weeks you will notice how fluid communication with your angel becomes.