Who are your spirit guides and how to connect with them when you need help

Have you ever heard of the “spirit guides”; or maybe not. Those who know the most about the subject explain that the guides are beings of light who are always by our side, accompanying, guiding and helping in cases where we feel lost or misaligned.

In the world not everything is what you see, do not you think? Each person is a multidimensional being; that is, he exists in different dimensions at the same time. The higher this is, the higher the level of consciousness and the breadth of vision. This does not mean that there are “separate” “parts” of us, but rather that the superior is an aspect more integrated with the others, but extremely wise and connected with the Divine.

So if you feel confused, alone, or lost, you can seek out your own higher self, the voice within you.

Just like you, there are also other evolved beings, who have been born and died in the physical plane, and now serve as Guides and teachers.

Some people have a guide besides themselves; others, more. That depends on the life purpose of each one.

Your spirit guides are always with you. It’s just that you don’t always acknowledge his presence. But you can communicate with them if you need to. Of course: the superior Being does not communicate from the mind, but from the intuition and the heart.

Tips for communicating with your spirit guides

– make silence

– Practice meditation

– Increase the vibration (do something or think something that makes you feel more joyful and happy)

– Do not expect messages as we would think, because communication can be with symbols, like the ones you can find in a dream, for example.

– keep an open mind

– Trust your intuition and the “sixth sense”

Whatever happens in your life, remember: you are not alone. Raise your vibration, uncover your spiritual eyes, open your heart, and you will discover a world full of beauty, wisdom, magic and serenity waiting for you.

Ask your Higher Self or your spirit guides what you need to see. And wait for the answer, because it will come when you least expect it.




White light

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