Which plant should each sign use to clear negative energies?

Sometimes it’s hard for us to say “home sweet home” when we return. It is that, instead of feeling that when we arrive everything is harmony and relaxation, we perceive that something is not right on an energetic level.

If this is the case, you should know that sometimes bad energy can get “stuck” in the environment. That is why it is good that we can cleanse it, not only physically, but also on the most subtle level.

Negative energy does not necessarily come from someone who wants to hurt us. It also accumulates as a result of our own moods, arguments, or if we have been sick, for example.

Plants can help you a lot to clean these energies from your house. By itself, its function is to transform the carbon dioxide that we exhale into oxygen; purifying the air. In addition, they bring freshness and life to the home.

Depending on your sign, you can take advantage of the purifying power of one or more plants in particular. ohknow them here and feel good at home again!


If you are from Aries and want to clean bad energy from your home, take a glass container, place some basil leaves with water, and put it under your bed all night.


You can take a bath with an infusion with violet petals, or use it to clean your house. This will help you unlock blockages and improve positive energy. You can also use jasmine essence, especially if you want or need to calm your nerves or attract love.


Bathe in an infusion of mint or use it to clean if you need to unblock work or love problems. You can also have this plant in your house. It will help you repel bad energy.


If you are a Cancer, use jasmine to protect yourself from the dense energies around you. Have this plant in your house and in the places where you spend the most time. You can also use it as an infusion to take a bath and thus cleanse your energy field.


If you are a Leo, use rosemary in incense or sahumos to generate vibrations that purify your entire home. In addition, it will serve as a protector against bad energies around.


Use some mint leaves under your pillow to protect your dreams and increase positive vibrations in your home. In addition to purifying, it helps to attract love and health.


If you feel stuck and, on an energetic level, nothing advances, use the rose. Bathe with an infusion of this plant to renew purity, and attract love and abundance into your life.


Use an infusion of ginger to bathe, clear negative energy and attract abundance into your life.


Use an infusion of sage to cleanse and purify the energy of the spaces in your home. You can also use it to take a bath, cleanse your energy field, and attract abundance into your home.


If you are a Capricorn, use ivy infusions to reset harmony and protect your home. It will also help you unlock blocks and strengthen the energy field.


Use dandelion to cleanse the aura and boost your personal and work life. Make an infusion with this plant and take a bath to eliminate any negative energy that you may be carrying into your home.


Use the laurel to feel peace and tranquility again when you get home. You can use it in infusions to clean or take a bath revitalizing.

Are you ready to clean negative energies from your home?


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