“Which car should go first?”: The question that revolutionized the networks

A user’s query revolutionized the internet and received unusual answers, to the point that the Road Safety authorities had to clarify the confusion through an explanatory video.

This happened on the social network Twitter, where a kind of riddle went viral that tested the knowledge of drivers in a particular situation.

In the user post, Law in Sneakers, you can see an illustration of three cars approaching a corner and are numbered 1-3.

To clear up any doubts, the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV) explained the correct answer with a video.

“The vehicle marked with the number 2 is the only one that continues its march, therefore, it must advance first. Follow the 3, but remember to stop completely, as it is the only one that will turn to your left to take another street. Finally, vehicle number 1 advances, which also has a sign ahead that says ‘Give way’, for which it must wait for all the other vehicles to carry out the maneuver so that it can overtake”.

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