Where to place the cacti in the house to prevent them from attracting negative energies

Cacti are very common plants in different parts of the world. They are relatively easy to maintain and add a special touch to the space they occupy.

In general, plants are considered desirable inside the house, because they attract positive energy and purify the air. However, some are frowned upon, as they are believed to be a source of negative energy. This is the case of the cactus.

According to the principles of Feng Shui, for example, the spines of the cactus break the flow of positive energy. However, they can have beneficial properties if placed in the right place.

Where to place the cacti

First of all, you should know that cacti should not be located near the front door. In this place they will attract negativity and bad luck. It is also not advisable to place them inside the house. It is best to have them in the windows or on the terrace to protect the home from the outside.

Another place to stay away from is the bedroom. The strong energy of these plants can interfere with the environment in a negative way, generating restlessness and a bad mood in the morning.

According to Feng Shui, the main place where cacti should be avoided is the kitchen and the place where you eat. Otherwise, they can create a moody and unpleasant environment, and meals can go wrong or not be appetizing.

Where it is recommended to place them is in work areas. There they can repel envy and bad desires.

Next, we give you four more reasons why you should have a cactus at homefrom the practical and energetic points of view.

1. There are many varieties

There are small, large, round, elongated cacti and much more. Among all this variety of shapes and properties, there will definitely be one that fits your needs and preferences.

2. They protect you from electromagnetic waves

Some people believe that cacti are able to absorb and therefore protect us from harmful electromagnetic waves from our computers. There is controversy as to the accuracy of these beliefs, but many believe it to be true and purchase cacti specifically for this purpose.

3. They give diversity to your space

If you get the impression that the decoration of your house is boring, gray or simply lacks that touch of personality, and you have already tried everything -without success- to make it stop being so monotonous, a cactus may help you give it a slightly more exotic quality.

If you know how to choose the right shape and size for your home, it will make the corners where you place it brighter and more special.

4. They are very easy to care for

Some plants require special and specific care several days a week to keep them healthy and strong, but cacti only require one watering a week to survive. In fact, if you water it more often, it will shrivel up and die.

As you can see, cacti can be a very welcome addition to your spaces, and, used in the right way and in the right position, they are far from bringing bad luck. On the contrary, they will give life and personality to your home.

If they exist some precautions What you should take if you decide to use a cactus at home, especially if you have children and pets, because they can hurt themselves with their thorns. Only make sure to place them in a position and height that keeps it away from pets and the smallest of the home.


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