When Wild Creatures Gather: Stunning Images From The Animal Kingdom

When the animals gather before a migration for the next winter or summer season, the sight is often spectacular. In the following photos you can see these meetings before these animals fly, walk or swim to another habitat, warmer or colder, depending on the case.

These journeys from one place to another can take many days and sometimes involve entire populations moving, generating a wonderful show for those who witness it. These movements, besides being beautiful, are necessary for the survival of the species. It seems like an instinctive phenomenon

The migration of animals seems to be an instinctive phenomenon where neurophysiological mechanisms, both inherited and acquired by a long process of natural selection, play an important role. Certain factors or events such as the phases of the moon or the seasons are involved in migrations.

How do animals return to the exact place of origin? How do they get to the most suitable season for each time of the year?
In addition, the sun plays a major role in the orientation of these migratory groups. Some are guided by it or by the stars. There are even species that use electromagnetic fields or smell as a compass. It seems, in many cases, a mystery.

Zebras, Serengeti, Africa

Pelicans, Mississippi


Tadpoles in Canada

monarch butterflies

emperor penguins


Starlings, Scotland. This phenomenon is known as “Black Sun”


Gulls, Alaska

manta rays


Fish, Mexico

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