When is the September Full Harvest Moon?

Those who know about lunar “culture” know in advance that the full Harvest Moon will shine in the night sky during September. This is one of the most impressive images of the Earth’s natural satellite.

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The full moons: cycles of 28 days

The moon goes through cycles, which are stages known as lunar phases. For centuries, there has been a fascination with the Earth’s satellite. The lunar phases are well known, the same ones that serve to know stages.

In total, there are nine (9) lunar phases: 1) New Moon, 2) Crescent Moon, 3) First Quarter, 4) Waxing Gibbous Moon, 5) Full Moon, 6) Waning Gibbous Moon and 7) Black Moon. Therefore, a full moon is a fifth lunar stage.

It is called a full moon and it happens when the lunar disk looks bigger. The far side of the satellite is completely opposite the view from Earth. For this reason, it is also called the plenilunio (full moon).

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Why is it called the Harvest Moon?

In the case of the month of September, the full moon phase is often referred to as the “Full Harvest Moon”. This name comes from the North American indigenous tribes, who used the stars in their calendars.

It happens that corn usually grows in September, reaching its harvest point. Therefore, it is a full moon that corresponds to the corn harvest. Hence, it is also sometimes called Corn Moon.

The lunar disc is usually seen as large. Its greatest size is achieved in the evening hours, to the east. Also, due to the clear sky and the optical effect of the atmosphere it looks larger than normal.

This full moon was highly revered in Mesoamerican cultures, which worshiped corn as a source of food. Therefore, it is considered to be an event that has a lot of symbolic consideration.

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Symbolic value of the full moon in September

It is a true reference in the skies of September. Since ancient times, it has enjoyed many symbolic considerations, such as the following:

– It is considered a moon of abundance

– It leaves about 50 minutes later, so it allows you to see the harvest at night

– In the East, banquets are usually held, in view of the connotation of lunar abundance

– It is said to be a moon that invokes the spirits

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Do you want to see the “full harvest moon”? Well, it tends to look better in the northern hemisphere. However, the terrestrial satellite shows its beauty everywhere, always with its magical whitish and hypnotic light.