When is Spanish Constitution Day 2022 celebrated: origin and history –

When is Spanish Constitution Day 2022 celebrated: origin and history. The day of the constitution is one of the most important of how many holidays we celebrate.

When is the Spanish Constitution Day 2022

The Constitution Day is an important day in Spain. A day in which we celebrate our constitution that, like other constitutions such as the French constitution of 1791, establishes the guidelines of our society and that is commemorated December 6th.

Thus, December 6 is a public holiday throughout Spainbut in addition, it is also usually considered in some way as the beginning of the December holidays, and that in addition It is celebrated together with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8.

Why is Spanish Constitution Day 2022 celebrated?

After ruling as head of state from April 1, 1939 to November 20, 1975, the government of the General Francisco Franco in Spain and his subsequent death, It was one of the most important decisions to be made by the country: modernize and give democracy a choice or fall into chaos.

On June 15, 1977, the most important general elections were held in the form of a referendum, which had the support of 88 percent of voters. In this way, the Spanish voted in a democracy for the type of government they wanted. And then after being approved by the Cortes and the Senate on October 31, 1978, the Spanish constitution was ratified in another referendum to the Spanish people that was held on December 6 that we now celebrate every year.

In this way and as a national holiday, on December 6 of each year, all of Spain celebrates the anniversary of a referendum that rejuvenated the country, known as Constitution Day. This day marked an important step in Spain’s transition to a stable constitutional monarchy and democracy.

Origin and history of the Spanish Constitution Day 2022

Constitution Day is an important symbolic representation of equality and progress with Spanish residents. The Spain’s national flag consists of two red bands horizontal lines separated by a yellow band. The red bands are the same width and the yellow band is twice as wide as each red band. This concept of a national flag was confirmed in the 1978 constitution.

Many residents are passionate and proud to display the Spanish flag on private homes, public buildings, and even public transportation vehicles on Constitution Day. King Juan Carlos signed the Constitution on December 27, and it entered into force on December 29, after its publication in the Official Gazette.

Nevertheless the celebration of the Day of the Constitution did not enter into force in 1983 when it was decreed as a national holiday, and in this way the date was solemnly established that commemorated the moment in which the Spanish people voted 90% in favor of the Spanish constitution that is still in force today.