When is Mexican Revolution Day celebrated in 2022 and how is it celebrated?

For Mexicans it is a big day, almost as big as the Day of the Dead, although not as popular outside the country. We are facing a national holiday that commemorates an important revolution that led to the promulgation of the Mexican Constitution of 1917. We tell you in detail When is Mexican Revolution Day celebrated in 2022 and how is it celebrated?.

When is the Day of the Mexican Revolution 2022 celebrated?

Mexican Revolution Day is celebrated on the third Monday of November. It is a holiday throughout Mexico, which refers to an armed conflict that took place in Mexico since 1910 and, specifically, beginning on November 20.

For Mexicans it is one of the most important events in the history of their country, because it meant a complete social, political, economic and mentality change. We start from the basis of a latifundist society, where General Porfirio Díaz ruled. At the beginning of the 20th century, society and the dictator himself began to accuse the exhaustion of the regime. A change was fundamental that would allow the economic recovery of the country and, incidentally, a social one.

In this context, Francisco I. Madero was presented as an option to practice alternation in power. However, there were supporters of Porfirio Díaz who were not willing to let their leader go. And they exerted pressure so that he continued in power. Thus, Madero was taken prisoner and Díaz won the elections again.

From exile, Madero organized the counteroffensive, and from the US he planned what became known as “the San Luis Plan”, where the people were urged to start the revolution so that effective suffrage would be held and not a simple re-election as had been What happened to Porphyry? There were uprisings throughout Mexico that forced Díaz to resign. But Madero was also assassinated.

Since Madero’s death, it was Venustiano Carranza who was left in command of the army of those who demanded a Constitution. Around a million Mexicans died, but finally, the effort paid off and led to the Political Constitution of 1917.

How is the Day of the Mexican Revolution 2022 celebrated?

Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Mexican Revolution 2022 by going shopping. Because on this date, what is known as The good enda weekend for Buy cheapa fact that reminds us of Black Friday.

Undoubtedly, it is a pleasant way to celebrate and long-awaited by Mexicans who can take advantage of these special holidays to buy those things that they have been waiting for for months. Authentic bargains can be found, to renovate the home or update the wardrobe without hurting the pocket, with prices well below the average.

However, and despite this fact, we must not forget the historical, social and economic, as well as human, impact that the Mexican Revolution had on the population. And, if history is of any use to us, it is to learn and do things better in the present.

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