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The most romantics are sure to be clear about their preferred literary genre. But even for those who bet on prose, poetry has that “soul” that we cannot find in other types of writing. Perhaps every adolescent in love has recited a poem once in his life and has even dared to be a poet for a day (or for many, why deny it). Be that as it may, poetry has great literary figures that are worth being known and even analyzed. In poetry is our psyche and collects our deepest feelings. we tell you When is International Poetry Day celebrated: origin and celebration of this special event.

When is International Poetry Day 2022 celebrated?

Every form of artistic expression is important and has had an impact on the evolution of man and society. Poetry is an ancient genre, existing even before the age of Christ. In fact, Egyptian hieroglyphs have been found from over 25 centuries ago. But not only in Egypt, but also in Greece, with works known as The Iliad and The Odyssey, by the great Homer.

The International Poetry Day 2022 takes place on March 21, that is, the same date each year. It was born with the idea of ​​remembering the great poets of all time, obviously also including current poets, the novices who are now fighting to make a place for themselves and be known. And it is that, although we could believe that poetry is the work of the past, even today, in the XXI century, there are poets.

It is also intended to support publishers, which are heavily punished companies whose survival is increasingly complicated, especially with the appearance of social networks and the Internet and their new digital channels of dissemination that are replacing the traditional book (or collection of poems). in this case).

Despite the fervor that poetry arouses among some bohemian romantics who still believe in the power of lyrics and rhymes, it is important to continue promoting their lyrics, continuing to present our poets and inviting the reader to enjoy this beautiful art, stimulating creativity and passion of young people towards poems. For this reason, in 1998, the editor Antonio Pastor Bustamante decided that this step had to be taken to dignify poetry and asked UNESCO to mark a day dedicated to it. It took a year, but finally the request was approved and, since then, the March 21 is declared as International Poetry Day.

Why is International Poetry Day 2022 celebrated?

The reasons for Why is International Poetry Day 2022 celebrated? We have already advanced it in previous paragraphs. The main reason is to demystify once and for all that erroneous belief that poetry is something old, from the past. And it is that poetry can also be very modern, since we are before a vehicle of expression that serves to express the greatest thing that we human beings have: feelings, love, desolation, loneliness, hope, etc. But poetry can also be written to criticize and stir consciences.

Sometimes poetry simply comes to us by itself. We hardly realize it and we are making poetry, without intending to. But in the end, what is most interesting about poetry is that it undresses the soul of its author and, by the way, it has the power to undress us readers, although sometimes it may be more difficult for us to see it. A small child can make poetry and does not know it. And you, reader, if you like poetry, surely you know how to perfectly understand what we are explaining to you.

There are other genres that are much more recognized today than poetry itself. For example, theater, painting or dance. And of course, not to mention the music. The objective is also to extol the values ​​of poetry and for it to become part of our culture again.

How to celebrate International Poetry Day 2022

the best way to celebrate International Poetry Day 2022 is reading poetry. It is not bad to spend the day visiting bookstores and buy a copy, or even give a collection of poems to your loved ones. If you also dare to write poetry, do not hesitate, put the paper and pen or the computer in front of you and give free rein to your emotions so that they come out to the beat of the words. If you consider yourself a regular reader, chances are you have good spelling and grammar and before you know it you are creating poems. Jump into the challenge!

We can also take advantage of the special day to post our favorite poems on social networks, these are those that impacted us, moved us or have some meaning for us.

Check in your municipality, because surely in the nearby bookstores they carry out activities and even in the streets and cultural centers.

If you have children, organize something with them and foster a passion for poetry among the little ones. Contribute your grain of sand to this International Poetry Day so that this continues to be a living art. Because poetry can also coexist with other expressions of art in this modern society of the 21st century.

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