When is International Kissing Day 2022 celebrated and why?

The international kiss day It is one of the most special days for couples, just like Valentine’s Day. Although you can also celebrate it with your family or with your friends. Here we tell you when International Kissing Day 2022 is celebrated, why it is celebrated and how to celebrate it.

When is International Kissing Day 2022 celebrated?

On April 13, International Kissing Day is celebrated as a celebration of what was the longest kiss in history with a duration of 58 hours and that we were able to see thanks to a Thai couple during a contest. This couple had broken the previous record that stood at 46 consecutive hours.

Why is International Kissing Day 2022 celebrated?

The first kissing contest held in Thailand It was in the year 2011 and a couple achieved the first world record with the longest kiss for 46 hours, 24 minutes and 9 seconds. In 2012 a homosexual couple broke this record and achieved a mark of 50 hours, 25 minutes and 01 seconds. However, in 2013 the first couple to beat him came back and again swept a new world record for the longest kiss by 8 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. this couple, Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranaratreceived a prize of 2,500 euros and two diamonds.

During this contest, the rules are clear: they can’t stop kissing or drinking or going to the bathroom and they can’t sit down either.

As a result of this contest in Thailand that It is celebrated every year on April 13the International Kiss Day is also celebrated.

How to celebrate International Kissing Day 2022

To commemorate this day, many countries hold a similar contest whose winners will be those who manage to kiss the longest. The objective is always to try to break the world record, although for the moment it has not been broken again and the best marks are always registered in the Thai contest, also because it is the one that hosts the largest number of couples annually. In addition, in the contest in Thailand it is mandatory that they be married couples or prove through a paper written by the parents of both that they are a dating couple.