When is International Book Day 2022 and why is it celebrated?

It is becoming more and more popular to reserve a memorial day for each thing or person that contributes something to our lives, or sometimes even just for fun. This being the case, it should not surprise us that reading and, specifically, books, also have it. If you are an inveterate lover of letters and your biggest hobby is passing the hours between written pages full of interesting stories, write this date on your calendar: April 23. Celebrate by purchasing a new book. we explain when is International Book Day 2022 and why is it celebrated.

When is International Book Day 2022

There is no greater pleasure for a book lover than going to buy books, or being given a new copy. Or well, yes, there is a greater pleasure than that: reading. Dedicate a day to immerse yourself in what his favorite books have wanted to tell you, without interruptions and without looking at the clock. Whether you can fully dedicate yourself to it or not does not depend on us. But what we can do is explain to you when International Book Day 2022 is and the origins of this event.

Starting with the first of the questions, the date that you have to have in your diary written in red and framed in a very large circle or box is April 23. Because it is precisely on this day that readers from all over the world celebrate their big day.

Although as a good reader it will be a date that you will like to take into account, especially because on this day it is common for kiosks and markets with books to be set up in different cities, or for bookstores to display their merchandise with some discount or special promotion in honor to the reader, however, it is an event that is intended to encourage reading, especially among young people. It is intended to instill in them a passion for the world of letters, so that they discover the benefits of this intellectually and culturally beneficial hobby.

But you should also know that on April 23, International Book Day, not only pays tribute to books and readers, but how could it be otherwise, so does the authors. And it is that the author is the key piece so that the books can be born and come to life. It is important to value the role that authors have not only for entertainment, but above all, for the cultural enrichment of society. Therefore, together with the value of the book, it is intended to emphasize the importance of Copyright.

Unfortunately, the bad habit of copying and pasting content, or misappropriating the work of writers, without appreciating the effort and dedication that they have put into their work, is widespread. This very common practice is not only a crime, but also threatens the professionalism and property of its authors. It is an infringement of copyright. Apart from a total and utter lack of respect for those who worked on the content and shaped it through the lyrics. The international book and copyright day wants to vindicate authorship and make it respected.

Why is International Book Day 2022 celebrated?

We have seen when is International Book Day 2022 and what it consists of. Now, but what?Why is International Book Day celebrated?? To find the origins of this event, we must go back to the year 1995. It is precisely this year when a UNESCO General Conference takes place in the city of Paris in which it is decided to pay tribute to books and, of course, to writers. . He wants to highlight the importance that these have had for centuries in the social and cultural progress of the countries.

The next question is, and why a April 23 to celebrate the day of the book? The answer is also important, since it is a date on which several of the authors considered to be among the most important in universal literature died, such as: Shakespeare, Cervantes and Garcilaso de la Vega.

But we have said before that with the celebration of International Book Day we want to encourage the habit of reading among the youngest. Well, it is true that a lot of emphasis is being placed on this matter and, knowing that it is not easy to catch minors among the written pages of any book, another special date has been dedicated to them, very close to the previous one, specifically the april 2. At the beginning of the month the International Children’s and Youth Book Day.

How is International Book Day celebrated?

It is about bringing books closer to readers, to those who already are and to those who have not yet discovered the fascinating world of letters but who could become amateur readers if given the encouragement to do so. With this objective, in all the cities of the world, bookshops celebrate their big day, placing book stands outside, to attract the attention of passers-by, or organizing book markets where readers can buy cheaper.

Reading days are also organized, with special emphasis on the younger audience, where reading and dramatization go hand in hand so that the little ones can enjoy learning and without getting bored of the stories that are told.

In addition, tribute is paid to the famous writers of all time, with readings of part of their works, gatherings between readers and music to set the scene. What is sought is to create that idyllic and intoxicating atmosphere that a reader experiences when they have reached the status of a lover of letters, so that those who are not, also feel the bug and those who are, enjoy in a special way. of your big day.

Now that you know there is a International Book Day and why, you will also like to know other popular anniversaries such as, for example, when is Father’s Day and how the idea came about.

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