When is Halloween 2022 –

Halloween, or Witches’ Night, is a holiday that began to be celebrated mainly in the United States but has now spread to other countries, especially in Latin America. Next we show you when is halloween in 2022 for you to enjoy this special party. We also talk about how to enjoy it and where you can celebrate Halloween 2022. Finally, we talk about the traditions about this holiday.

Are you ready to find out everything about Halloween 2022? We will tell you everything so that you can prepare yourself and celebrate this party in style. Do not miss it!

When is Halloween in Spain? Halloween dates in 2022

Halloween it’s a festival of Celtic origin, its roots are believed to come from the celebration of Samhain, an ancient Celtic rite that marked the end of summer, and the Christian holiday of All Saints’ Day. However, although many believe that Halloween still has a religious basis, it is now considered a secular celebration, that is, it has gone from being religious to civil or non-religious.

It is a typical festivity especially of USA, where it began to be a popular celebration during the 19th century. It was thanks to the Irish immigrants who traveled to the United States during the Great Famine, who passed on the tradition of Halloween (All Hallows Eve) to North America.

halloween, the Halloween night, is a very special night in which everyone dresses up, yes, with a peculiarity. On Halloween, witches, monsters and terrifying creatures roam freely. Currently the theme of terror has been expanding and Halloween is getting very close to a simple carnival, at least as we see it in Europe.

Among the most typical traditions of Halloween is the Trick or Treating, or decorate the gardens with illuminated pumpkins. It is also very common to eat the typical caramel apples. Despite having a theme of terror and witchcraft, it is a party where children have a great time, and the family gathers around the bonfire to tell scary stories. Then we will see in depth what traditions are linked to this festival.

As many of you know, Halloween is celebrated on October 31, just before All Saints’ Day. In this case, Halloween 2022 will fall on a Monday. Although in other countries Halloween is intermingled with religious tradition (especially in Latin America), the date does not vary and it is always celebrated on October 31.

How to celebrate Halloween 2022

When deciding how to celebrate Halloween 2022, you have to ask yourself some key questions: Are you going to celebrate it with children? Among friends? With what theme?

There are many different options and we are going to give you a few ideas so you can decide how to celebrate Halloween 2022:

  • Children’s party: If you have children in the family, you can celebrate a costume party with sweets and decorations set on a scare theme, but not terrifying or evil. You can even choose a specific theme: have all the children dress up as different types of pumpkins.
  • Terror and Fear: When it comes to having an adult party, you can focus on celebrating a real horror party. Each guest can be dressed as a horror movie star. It will be even more terrifying if you wear masks so you won’t know who is who.
  • Horror Movie Marathon: You can make a selection of scary movies that includes the great classics of cinema. Or maybe a season of one of the scary series of the moment: Bates Motel or Stranger Things. Popcorn, trinkets, and dim lighting will help set the mood.
  • Themed dinner: You can choose to celebrate a dinner with themed food. Plates decorated with a dark and spooky theme, autumn food and lots of decoration.

The options are many and very fun. Going a bit out of the style of Halloween 2022, you can also celebrate an evening focused on the day of the dead in the Mexican style, or any of the other international traditions. Everything should start by thinking with whom you want to celebrate this date.

Where to celebrate Halloween 2022

In addition to celebrating a party in each, there are many other options that you should take into account about where to celebrate Halloween 2022. Do you want to know some? We tell you everything!

Amusement parks

This is a pretty obvious choice. There are many entertainment alternatives for Halloween in amusement parks throughout Spain. Both in the Warner Park and in the Amusement Park there are themed activities, costume contests, terrifying parties and Halloween-themed food.

These types of celebrations are held for about 10 days before Halloween until that day. Even in many amusement parks that day they close much later, carrying out actions and night parades to the delight of adults and children.

Enchanted places in Spain

There are many parts of Spain that have legends and stories about their supposed enchantment or about murky and confusing moments in their history. In many of these places special meetings are held and these legends are narrated. Others you can visit on your own letting you get drunk from the atmosphere.

An example is the House of the Seven Chimneys in Madrid, Belchite in Zaragoza or the Parador de Olite in Navarra.

Organized theme parties

Another obvious option is to go to one of the organized theme parties that are celebrated throughout Spain. There are pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and even places for leisure and free time activities. who dedicate special parties to this day or even to the night.

Halloween routes

As a last option, although there are many more, we are going to see the Halloween routes. In many cities there are themed night tours. For example, in Toledo there are magical night routes in which places of medieval torture are visited and the legends of the Templars and mysteries are discussed.

You can visit horror museums on night routes or emblematic places where you can hold small activities. All Halloween activities are terrifying and also a lot of fun!

Traditions on Halloween 2022

Throughout the globe there are many areas where their own celebrations are held. traditions on Halloween 2022. Each culture has its own ideas and many have become of international importance. Do we see some of these traditions? Surely you can carry out many of them at your Halloween 2022 party or celebration.

  • Trick or Treating: It is one of the most popular traditions that originated in the United States. It consists of the disguised children coming from each house asking for candies and sweets in exchange for not doing mischief in that house. It is a very fun tradition for children that has not yet spread to many countries, but in those where it is celebrated it is deeply rooted.
  • Pumpkin decoration: This tradition is spreading and is being done in more and more places. It consists of hollowing out a pumpkin and decorating the shell with scary faces. Then you can put candles inside so that the light comes out through the holes and thus create fun games of light and shadow. With the meat of the pumpkin you can create a delicious recipe, both sweet and savory.
  • Costumes: This tradition is celebrated among children and adults. Children tend to dress up as funny things and the older ones as horror characters. It is a night to give space to zombies, witches, demons, vampires and much more.
  • Sweet: Aside from trick-or-treating sweets, there are many more associated with this calendar date. For example, in Spain there is hardly any Halloween tradition, but we do have sweets associated with All Saints’ Day. The bones of saint fill the confectioneries and pastry shops during the days before this date, and everyone likes them.
  • Halloween night: In many places different rituals are held to summon witches and make them appear with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčterrorizing everyone. Rituals are also performed to create spells and curses.

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