When is Castilla y León Day 2022 and why is it celebrated?

Castilla y León celebrates its day in April and this day, in addition to being a holiday for the community, different events and shows are usually organized in which the whole town participates. But what is the origin of the Day of Castilla Y Léon? Here we tell you this curious story.

When is Castilla y León Day 2022 celebrated?

Every April 23 is celebrated throughout the community, the day of Castilla y León. Date on which the anniversary of the battle of Villalar is commemorated, an important battle of the War of the Communities of Castile.

Origin of the Day of Castilla y León

In 1517 Carlos I was named King of Spain. His policy was not widely accepted among the Castilians and began to generate unrest throughout Castile. This caused the revolt of the Castilian comuneros (inhabitants of Villalar de los Comuneros) in the year 1521. On April 23 of that year the comunero army was defeated by the royal troops, an act that is remembered on the day on which the festival of Castilla y León is celebrated.

The next day, April 24, the 3 leaders of the rebellion (Padilla, Maldonado and Bravo) were beheaded in the Villalar square, where the town, later in 1889, erected an obelisk in their memory and it was restored in 1992. To this day, it is still in the town square.

Since then, each April 23 commemorates the day of Castilla y León with celebrations and parties although this year, just like last year due to COVID, there will be no parties for safety. However, we recommend you look at some of the typical recipes for this day to be able to celebrate it even at home.

We also have to point out that the date of the celebration is always controversial since it is not understood that the celebration of this day honors a date in which the people revolted and were defeated. Some propose September 24, for the date on which King Ferdinand III also became King of León, uniting Castile and León.