When is Black Friday 2022 – History and curiosities –

The consumerist and capitalist ideology that dominates the world has not only caused us to turn endearing and family parties into mere times of pointless shopping, but it has also caused the appearance of other ideas of a consumerist nature such as Black Friday. Next, we tell you what it means and when is Black Friday celebrated in 2022.

What is Black Friday

The black friday or black friday is what is called the day that gives Start of the Christmas shopping season in most stores and department stores. During this day, many of the establishments have a large part of their products at very low prices, as a method to encourage purchase. The term Black Friday came into use in the 1960s in Philadelphia, and by the mid-1970s it was already a highly publicized day promoted by brands and malls. With the passage of time and the globalization of brands, Black Friday has already reached other countries, especially within the developed world.

When is Black Friday 2022

Black Friday is celebrated the Friday after Thanksgiving, that is, the fourth Friday of the month of November. The exact date therefore depends on the year, and the Black Friday 2022 will be celebrated on Friday, November 26, 2022.

You already know when Black Friday is and rest assured that in Spain there are many establishments that also celebrate this day with succulent discounts. Our advice is to take advantage of the prices to buy what you need, but do not get carried away by the offers to buy accessories that you do not need and that, if they were not reduced, you would never have bought.