When is Aragon Day 2022 celebrated? –

If there is a community in Spain that has a lot of history behind it, without a doubt it is the Aragon Daybut most people do not know the reason for the holiday or what day it is celebrated, in Overstory we are going to tell you a little about the story.

When is the day of Aragon 2022 celebrated?

The Aragon day in 2022 will be on April 23when we talk about the Day of Aragon, we also have to take into account and think about the close relationship it has with the festival of Saint George’s Day.

What is the origin of the day of Aragon 2022

The origin of the day of Aragon comes from a close relationship between Saint George and Aragon, which begins in the year 1096, thanks to the help offered by King Pedro I of Aragon during the reconquest of the city of Huesca in the battle of Alcoraz. This patronage becomes official in the year 1461, when the Courts of Calatayud summoned by Juan II establish the festivity. Many years later, in the Cortes de Monzón, held in 1564, the jurisdiction and the festival were confirmed, with the possibility of a fine for those who did not comply with the festival.

After the privileges were abolished, it would not be until April 10, 1978, exactly one day after the constitution of the Diputación General de Aragón as an institution prior to becoming an autonomous community, when its councilors approved, declaring on April 23 April as Day of Aragon with the following words. The festival of Saint George as Day of Aragon acquires the rank of Law on April 16, 1984, when the date of April 23 is declared a holiday throughout Aragon.