What was Stephen Hawking’s IQ?

Is it possible to measure intelligence? What was Stephen Hawking’s IQ? It is said that only 0.003% of the people in the world achieve it at a high level, considered to be true genius.

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What Hawking thought about this topic

Many times, Stephen Hawking was questioned on this subject. People asked him what his IQ was. His reaction was unfriendly, he stated thatHe didn’t know and didn’t care to know.

Later, when they asked the reason for his disinterest, the famous Stephen Hawking argued: “people who are pending to measure their IQ are nothing but simple losers”.

A rather peculiar position among scientists, who often brag about their IQ. However, the mind that came up with the Big Bang theory clarified many things about the universe, it had no intention of measuring your intellect.


What is IQ?

It is a measure used for a long time. For example, an average adult usually has an IQ of 100 points. Widely used in psychology, it is a reference to establish the cognitive capacity of people.

Those who are considered geniuses, manage to openly exceed the measure of 100 points. In addition, in North American universities it is often used a lot to evaluate the work of the graduates of these study houses.

Let’s see an example. The woman with the highest IQ in history is Marilyn Vos Savant, who obtained a measurement of 228 points. She is an American lecturer, playwright, and writer who holds this record.

Another case is that of William James Sidis, who managed to pass 250 IQ points. When he was only 18 months old, he already knew how to read. At the age of 8, he mastered 8 languages ​​perfectly; being a very unusual case.

Source: Xataca

And what was Stephen Hawkings’ IQ?

It was somewhat hermetic, but the truth is that this scientist overcame an illness that annulled his ability to move. In a wheelchair, he was able to have fantastic ideas about the universe and its origin.

In his case, work and perseverance were more important than the measurement of intellectual capacity. Perhaps for this reason the scientist himself despised people who were waiting to know his IQ.

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Do you know what your IQ is? Many times, retrospective measurements of the cognitive ability of personalities such as Newton or Einstein have been made. The true geniuses are only 0.003% of the population.