What the Moon Phase You Were Born In Says About Your Personality

You already know that the photo of the sky the day you were born marks your personality and your life to a great extent: that is what astrological charts exist for. But there is a small (but not minor) aspect that is not always paid attention to: the moon phase of the day you were born.

As you know, each lunar phase has a certain type of energy, and the one that was going through the day of your birth has been imprinted on you in some way.

Therefore, knowing the lunar phase in which you were born can say more about your personality than you imagine.

If you don’t know which moon phase your birth fell on, you can look it up in this table:

New Moon

People born under the new moon are creative, restless people who love to explore the world and discover everything. They are generally quite daring people, who are not afraid to try new ideas, solutions or relationships.

The energy of the new moon has to do with being reborn, going forward, starting new cycles. And those born under this phase honor him.

They are expert people in embracing projects and helping others to make theirs real.

Crescent moon

The Crescent Moon has to do with learning, with evolution, with becoming: with transit. People born under this lunar phase tend to feel conflicting forces within them: the past and the future, the old and the new.

For this reason, they are people who may have many problems when making decisions, they sometimes find it difficult to take the first step and they need time and space to develop.

However, and despite the fact that it is difficult for them to start walking, once they make a decision and embark on a path they are unstoppable.

They are better at projecting than actuating.

Full moon

Those born in the full moon phase are people who are very open to others: they promote communication, meeting, mediation between ties and understanding. However, that also puts them in a difficult place, especially since they become quite dependent on what others say or do.

Sometimes they may need to zoom out to find their center. They have the ability to synthesize everything they have learned, and turn it into something new and improved.

Waning moon

The waning moon phase has to do with dissolution: with something that goes out. People born with this type of moon can sometimes feel a sense of emptiness, which they fear. For this reason, many times they prefer to do many things so as not to be left alone with that fear.

However, when they understand that darkness also unites and makes sense, and manages to connect with greater causes, they are hopeful, active, and full of energy. Their gift is that of wisdom, and they are very mental people.

In what phase of the moon were you born?



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