What kind of personality do you have? Find out in the test!

Squirrel, horse, butterfly or fish? One of these animals will reveal your personality.

This challenge, which has already gone viral on the main social networks, will make you discover characteristics of your personality that you did not yet know or that you have not taken into account until this precise moment.

Knowing how we are, whether it’s good or bad, is important to take advantage of it in the best possible way.

Look carefully at the illustration and choose one of the four animals. The butterfly, the fish, the squirrel or the horse: the one that has caught your attention the most is the one that defines this visual test. It is not allowed to change the answer, so the option that you have chosen first, you will have to keep it until the end. Are you ready?

test image

According to your answer, below you will find the corresponding answer.


Generosity and altruism are your greatest qualities, but they can turn against you. When one cares about others more than his own needs, he can end up postponing or forgetting his personal goals. It is very good to think about the other, but do not stop focusing on your life first. Wanting to help is fine, but making progress and taking care of yourself is fine.


Being pragmatic and realistic is important so as not to wander into the impossible, but don’t overdo it: you can become pessimistic. Fantasy is the mother of all inventions, and creativity builds without asking if it is possible. That’s why you need to let your imagination fly a little more and not just adjust to the tangible. Trust more in the power of the will and you will see great results.


You may be going through a stage of reluctance and lack of initiative. But you should not be carried away by hopelessness or depressed by some negative result. With effort and will, everything can be improved and so can your life. You must take control, put apathy aside and decide what is missing in order to get it.


You tend to overthink and analyze everything until you find something wrong with it. Being so analytical takes away your spontaneity and prevents you from taking risks when necessary. Some decisions in life must be made with courage and based on instinct and desire, and not so carefully assess the risks. Do not miss the opportunities that life presents you.

Source: Cienradios.

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