What it means to have ants in the house: spiritual meaning

Home is the place we want to get to after a difficult day. In general, we take it as a refuge, as rest, as protection. But also the home reflects our own state. Therefore, if there are bad energies in it, it often has to do with what we ourselves are vibrating. Or, it may have to do with other energies that interact with ours in a non-visible way. A very clear example of this is having pests inside the house, or in the patio or garden. On this note, what it means to have ants in the house: spiritual meaning.

What it means to have ants in the house: spiritual meaning

When talking about pests in the house: meaning, it is important to know when an insect invasion is considered a pest. In this sense, the insects recognized as “pests” are those insects that are observed in the systems and whose populations cause damage to crops. Both beneficial insects and “pest” insects are part of every natural ecosystem and are also present in systems managed by man.

Flies, cockroaches, ants, fungi… These are some of the most frequent pests that usually affect the home. Insects can become very invasive and cause a nuisance. They generate a feeling of dirt, or attack. And sometimes they can be very difficult to remove.

But that feeling of discomfort or dirt is not everything, since they also have a spiritual meaning. Therefore, know in this note: pests in the house, meaning.

Obviously, before studying the meaning of many ants in my house, I first thing to check having a plague is the material plane. For that, it will be necessary to clean the spaces well and check the openings where insects could be filtering.


There are some very effective homemade tricks to combat ants on the material plane. For example, cleaning all the crumbs and dishes after eating. This will be very effective in not attracting more insects and letting them go to look for their food in another place further away.

On the other hand, in the same way that ants love leftovers, they also hate the smell of vinegar. Therefore, to get rid of them from the home, a great idea is to spray water with vinegar on the floors, walls and in the kitchen. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, you can do the same with lemon juice. Undoubtedly, these tricks will be effective when expelling pests.

If with these tips the ants do not go away, it means that they are not there for something material, but that it is the spiritual plane that is attracting them. Many times, the energetic is reflected in the material. If we are sad, for example, our house may be more messy. If we are in a better mood, plants and flowers will grow in the spaces, often for no apparent reason.

Each one of us, and everything around us, is and is made up of energy. Some are more subtle or more balanced and others are more intense and their disharmony can affect us or generate energy imbalances in a specific place in the house, for example.

According to shamanic tradition, insects also have a spirit, which is why it is said that when they visit a house it is because they have a reason. That is to say, a toxic energy attracts them, since in general they are more abundant in places like garbage dumps, because they act as cleaners of our world even if we see them as “dirty”. Thus, ants in the house: spiritual meaning, can be a topic to take into account to find out and learn more about how they can help us deal with some unresolved issues.

Meaning of many ants in my house

So, for the shamanic tradition, if there is an imbalance, a toxic or negative energy, possibly a plague will appear. Remember: your home will reflect who you are and how you feel. Try to keep it clean and tidy on a material and energetic level so that coming home always feels good. However, no one, no matter how clean, is exempt from experiencing an ant invasion.

In this sense, if you are looking for “ants in the house spiritual meaning”, you should also know information about ants, what they are like and how they like to live. First of all, a well-known fact is that they are famous for their strength: ants can lift up to 20 times their own weight. For this reason, in many cultures they are recognized as powerful, strong and resistant insects.

ants in the house: spiritual meaning

There are several explanations of the ants in the house spiritual meaning. The most frequent are:


Ants are said to have great spiritual meanings, even though they are very small animals. They are super strong, they have an incredible tenacity and organization that has been admired by many to the point of saying that it symbolizes unity, determination, resistance, impetus, effort, security, patience, among others. Therefore, they can also indicate the presence of powerful insects that seek to teach something to the victim of this plague.

If you have already tried to drive away the ants by paying attention to the material, try other elements that help you balance the energy: energy stones, purifying plants, incense, incense, bowls, and meditation practices.


Nobody can deny the strong and hard-working personality of ants. As we mentioned earlier, they can lift 20 times their own weight and have the ability to start and finish their projects. Thus, they can come to a home to show that the best things come with time and effort.

3- ants in the house: spiritual meaning according to the bible

One of the proverbs of the Bible talks about ants and their teaching: “Go to the ant, you lazy one, see his ways, and be wise” (Prov. 6:6). Undoubtedly, “ants in the house spiritual meaning” has clear beginnings in the Bible and religion.

In general, humans have had a high and good opinion of ants since ancient times. The Arabs, for example, every time a baby was born, they placed ants on its hands in order to wish it to be an intelligent and skilled person. Not to mention that in some cultures it is considered bad luck to kill an ant.

On the other hand, in the New Testament, in recommending believers to live diligently and make good use of time, the attitude of the ants is somewhat taken into account. They are positioned as insects that can lead by example and teach, as well as being beneficial animals for the ecosystem.

According to professionals, there are more than ten thousand billion ants living on the planet. This success is due to the good communication between them, but also to their personality and organization to distribute the work and achieve good results in the short term.

For all this, it is understood that since ancient times they have been a source of inspiration for man and the subject of numerous scientific studies.

But not everything is rosy, it is also possible that in all cultures there are people who do not see the capabilities of ants, since it is understood that they can also sometimes cause serious problems for human societies, damaging crops or invading plants. houses.

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