What is User Generated Content or UGC?

Users were previously mere spectators of what each brand communicated, but now brand and user have a much closer and more authentic relationship. Users want to interact with brands, follow them on social networks and learn their story. And not only that, they also seek transparency. For this reason, brands have realized that in their marketing strategy digital marketing They must include content of value for users.

Is any content worth it? Evidently, the contents that generate more credibility, trust and transparency are what users value most. And this is where the user generated content or UGC takes importance. Let’s see below what it consists of and how to integrate it into your marketing strategy to gain the trust of users and speed up the purchasing process.

User Generated Content: definition and benefits

He user generated content (or UGC) is that content that the users themselves generate on the Internet about your brand, without any prior economic agreement. That is, they generate this content because they are satisfied with your products and/or services and they are ambassadors of your brand, they defend it tooth and nail.

Keep in mind that opinions and reviews from others influence other customers’ decisions. Someone who has never bought from your ecommerce will probably push them to make a purchase on your site after reading comments from other customers who have already tried your product. Therefore, user generated content becomes key in this process and a perfect complement to your content marketing strategy.

Advantages of UGC or user generated content

Using this type of content in your content strategy will provide you with the following advantages:

  • Greater credibility and impact. Brands that use UGC will generate more trust than brands that do not use testimonials from their satisfied customers.

  • You will promote engagement with your clients. Make your clients feel special. Integrating these contents into your strategy. In addition, you will motivate your followers and fans to continue generating this content.

  • You will know the level of satisfaction of your community. This is a way to know if customers are satisfied or not. You will find out if they had problems and what their preferences are. Very useful to perfect your content.

  • More sales. That trust and credibility towards the brand will attract potential customers.

How to integrate User Generated Content into your marketing strategy

Some actions that you can integrate to make the most of user generated content are:

  • Spread them on your social networks to get more visibility and generate more engagement with your community.

  • Encourage users to post photos and videos of your products or services, or even share videos of your events.

  • When a user shares this type of content, interact with him, respond to their comments, share their story or publication. This way you will generate curiosity and credibility in the rest of your community and attract potential clients.

  • Encourage participation with a own hashtag. This way you can keep track of what is being said about you and on the other hand you will encourage users to debate a specific topic through a hashtag. This will increase the interaction between brand and user.