What is the most powerful stone to protect the home?

Carrying out a deep cleaning at home is almost a requirement when it comes to attracting good energies. In this case, it could not be complete without the use of certain stones and crystals that are essential for this purpose. There is a great variety of these energetic stones, which have specific properties and uses. But, what?What is the most powerful stone to protect the home?

What are energy stones and what are they for?

Also known as protective stones, they are a wide variety of minerals and crystals that attract good energies. Each of these has particular properties, so it is used for different purposes, one of these being home protection. As for which is the most powerful stone to attract good energies, it all depends on its properties.

Nowadays, it has become necessary to find a way to attract a good energetic vibe, especially in the home. The daily routine, stress, fatigue and personal problems force people to find a space where they can renew their energies. In this way, it is possible to feel great relief and above all, find the inner peace that everyone needs.

Energy stones are ideal when it comes to warding off negative energies that may be concentrated in the home. The fundamental thing is to place each stone in a specific place in the house, be it the room, living room or study. Although many people buy expensive stones, river stones as protection at home are also useful.

Placing energy stones in the home does not have to be only for decorative reasons. In addition to channeling energies, each stone has properties that benefit meditation and the flow of emotions. As if that were not enough, they also help maintain a better connection with the spiritual part.

Where should energy stones be placed in the home?

Each energy stone has unique properties and characteristics, so its uses are usually very varied. When it comes to home protection, there are many spaces where these stones can be placed. Quartz, for example, is an energetic stone that serves to attract good energies to the home. So where to place the quartz in the house is sometimes more complex than you think.

One of the most important spaces within the home is the reception, in which all the people who come to visit are welcomed. It’s also where family members come in and out each day, so there’s quite a large flow of energy. Normally an energy stone is usually placed that allows the energies to regenerate. River stones as protection at home are also a good option to place them in the hall.

Likewise, another of the places where there is a greater flow of energy is the living room, which serves as a meeting point for family members and visitors. Because it is one of the largest spaces inside the house, several stones are usually placed. Whether on the central table, the windows, the library, you can also place more than one stone or glass to improve the harmony in the place.

On the other hand, in the bedrooms you have to be a little more careful, since there are stones that emanate a lot of energy. Reason why it is necessary to ask what is the most powerful stone in order not to saturate these rooms with energy. The ideal would be to choose a small stone that provides peace and tranquility in the bedrooms.

These stones can also be placed in other spaces such as the kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, and even the garden. Although they are often used as decoration, the ideal is to investigate a little about which is the most powerful stone to place in specific places within the home. In this way, the energy will not stagnate in one place, on the contrary, it will be able to flow without problems.

What are the best stones for home protection?

Protecting the home through the use of various energy stones is one of the oldest actions that has even left its mark on history. The Romans used talismans, in Greece stones were used for the protection of warriors. Even the Japanese made use of different energy stones to find the wisdom and balance they needed for their battles. But what is the most powerful stone? Below we show some of the most used energy stones for their properties for home protection.


Known to be a stone that serves to balance emotions, helps calm the mind and allows you to find inner peace and serenity. One of its best features is that it prevents psychic attacks, not only at home but also to the people who live in it. In addition to using this stone for home protection, many often use it as the centerpiece of necklaces or earrings.

On the other hand, amethyst helps calm the symptoms of anxiety, which is why many people use it to reduce appetite. Sometimes, anxiety produces a strong desire to eat, when using this energetic stone, these desires are balanced.


Possibly, many of the people who want to know which is the most powerful stone, have thought of amber. The truth is that this answer is not very far from reality and even more so when it comes to home protection. Although the truth is that amber is a resin that is obtained from certain trees that are many years old.

Even so, amber is considered a stone that serves as an energy projector, that is, it takes negative energy and turns it into positive. It is for this reason that amber is one of the best protective stones for the home since ancient times.


It is characterized by its intense bluish color and its multiple benefits in the emotional field, which are highly valued. It helps to purify the environment and at the same time, harmonizes each space within the house. Its healing properties make it an ideal mineral to place in the bathroom. When aquamarine is added to the hygiene routine, it allows the Chi energy to be stimulated and benefit the body.


It is a fundamental stone for Feng Shui rituals, which means that it is ideal for the protection of homes. This is because it attracts good vibes and is capable of changing the most difficult mood. If you are wondering which is the most powerful stone to balance yin and yang, agate is without a doubt one of these.


Known for being a fairly resistant and abundant mineral, due to its silica composition. Today, many specimens of this stone have been discovered, with unique properties and characteristics. To know where to place the quartz in the house, you must first discover some of the most popular quartz. What is the most powerful quartz stone? The best are the following:

blue quartz

Arriving home exhausted due to a tiring day at the office is something that happens to many today. For this, it is best to opt for a resource that helps to ward off fatigue while attracting positive energy. Blue quartz is the best option in this case, as it significantly reduces mental exhaustion. So where to place the quartz in the house, it is reduced to the bedroom or any other place of relaxation.

white quartz

It improves concentration, avoids distractions and allows you to focus on what you want. It is usually placed on your desk at work or at home, as it allows you to think more clearly. As with river stones as protection at home, white quartz is a natural protector for the home.

citrine quartz

When you need to know where to place the quartz in the house, you first have to know what type of quartz to use. In this case, citrine quartz is special, as it protects the home against negative energies. Many people place this rock in their bedrooms as it helps them fall asleep. For people who know how to control their emotions, citrine quartz is ideal when it comes to knowing which is the most powerful stone.

Pink quartz

For many it is the stone of love, because it is capable of loving relationships and helps heal breaks in love. It is ideal for people who need to value and love themselves, it is also used to protect the home. In fact, the bedroom is an ideal place to place quartz in the house, especially rose quartz.

green quartz

They increase patience, while accelerating physical healing processes, at the same time, stabilizing biological rhythms. It also helps improve mental balance and understanding.


Without a doubt, jade is considered one of the most outstanding stones when it comes to home protection. This stone has been used throughout history, especially for its ability to attract positive energy. Not only at home, it is also capable of offering additional protection every time we leave the house. For people suffering from anxiety, purchasing jade is highly recommended.

lapis lazuli

Many years ago, the lapis lazuli stone was a symbol of wealth and abundance. It is one of the protective stones with the most history, however, its protective properties are really remarkable. Although these are often unknown to many, lapis lazuli is known as a psychic protector, since Helps keep evil spirits away.

Tiger’s Eye

For those people who lack courage and want to change the situation, it is best to opt for the tiger’s eye stone. This helps raise self-esteem to significant levels, while strengthening the inner “I”. Although it is a rock for personal use, it is also ideal for attracting positive energy within the home.


Used for its great decorative characteristics, pyrite is a stone that is related to abundance and prosperity. All this is because this rock is capable of attracting and concentrating a lot of positive energy. For this reason, some people prefer to place them on a desk in the office or in a space in the house.


In the Aztec people, it was known as the stone of the gods and it was very special, since for many it was sacred. Some say that it helps to discover if your partner is unfaithful, if so, turquoise will change its color. It is also recommended for people who travel regularly especially to places that may be dangerous.

Lastly, energy stones need to be recharged so that they can continue to protect the home and attract positive energy. If the rock becomes a bit dull, lacking its original color and also weighs more than it should, it is time to clean it. For this, you must first introduce it into a container with coarse salt, it can also be placed on the ground or near a tree. After this, you have to leave it exposed to the sun for a few hours so that it can recharge again.