What is the meaning of the different types of kisses on the neck?

Who doesn’t love to kiss? A very pleasant sensation is experienced, you can feel how your body begins to vibrate, incites your desire and you would like to prolong this interesting moment for much longer.

Although kissing seduces and makes us sick, kisses on the neck awaken all your sensitivity. This is an erogenous zone that with the slightest contact we feel faint, especially women who let their imagination fly.

What do kisses on the neck mean?

The clearest expression of love and desire, that’s what a kiss on the neck means. Gently and resting your lips on the neck of the loved one, you go through this entire area of ​​his body to finally reach his lips and with a very loving kiss, show all your love and desire.

If you want to prolong this magical moment and reach intimacy, a slight bite is the best signal to start an exotic game and have a good time.

But this is not all, if your passion is uncontrollable and the body heat of your body seems to explode, show your partner, passionately sucking on his attractive and seductive neck.

Can you give a kiss on the neck anywhere?

When you are next to the loved one, all the places in the world are probably suitable for you to kiss and show your affection. But boy, when it comes to kisses on the neck, you should look for some privacy, as they have a great load of eroticism, which you should control, if they are in a public place.

So do not be shy and live your moment intensely, choose a quiet place surrounded by the most fervent atmosphere, so that those kisses on the neck that you want to give and receive, have no impediment and can give free rein to their emotions and passions, enjoying intensely. and without limitations.

Kissing on the neck has its art, here are some tips:

  • If you want to suck on your loved one’s neck, do it very carefully and make sure your partner feels comfortable at the time, otherwise it’s better not to do it.
  • Your moist lips make this type of kiss the most delicious in the world, so hydrate your lips, without exaggerating of course, and always be ready.
  • Do not forget the jaw area, and show all your love.

Do not waste a moment and kiss, kiss intensely, kiss on the neck and discover at that moment the meaning of that kiss.