What is the meaning of moles on the face?

For many, moles are birthmarks, unique details that can come to identify us like nothing else. They are so peculiar that many of us have come to ask what is the meaning of moles on the face, back, feet or any other part of the body. Let’s take a few minutes and delve into everything these colored dots on the skin have to tell us.

What are moles?

Before moving forward deciphering the meaning of moles on the facewe must know for sure what they are and why these unique marks appear on the skin of almost all human beings.

Moles are growths that occur on the skin when the cells that produce the pigment in our skin, called melanocytes, reproduce and grow in groups. These dermal growths are very common, to the point that an average person can have anywhere from 10 to 40 moles scattered all over their body.

Although most of these marks appear until the age of 20, people usually we can produce new moles until we are 40 years old. Then with maturity and older adulthood they gradually disappear or become more tenuous.

What are the types of moles?

The meaning of moles on the face is diverse, as are their different types. Let us first know what are the types of moles that our skin can harbor:

  • Due to their shape: there are round, oval moles, they are generally symmetrical, although there are also irregular ones.

  • Because of its color: we have pink, brown, black, bluish polka dots and even mixtures of pigmentation.

  • Because of its texture: there are moles that can stand out from the skin and also flat.

These characteristics are combined with each other, so The types of moles are multiple and will always depend on the particularities of each person’s skin.

What is the meaning of moles on the face?

Although these marks on the skin can appear anywhere on our body, there is widespread curiosity about the possible meaning of moles on the face, since the face is, as many say, the window to our personality.

First of all we must know that the meaning of moles on the face has been studied for thousands of years, specifically in ancient China it was a widespread and very usual practice. The act of reading moles is called Melanomancy. a ritual that allowed determining what effect these skin marks could have on the development of people’s lives. In general, they were considered in many cases signs of good fortune for the person who wears them, always depending on the place where they are located, their tone and shape.

Now, understanding that the search for the meaning of moles on the face is a common and even ancient practice, let us detail below what these skin marks can refer to according to their location on our face:

  1. Chin: If the mole as such is found on our chin, this denotes that we are generous and very effective people with the tasks that we carry out on a daily basis. It can also mean that we are extremely adventurous and passionate about life.
  2. Front: Sure you think, I hate having a mole on the forehead or poor person who has it. But although aesthetically they are not very well valued, when these friends appear in this part of the face, they bring with them very good omens. The moles on the forehead show that you will be very successful in your social relationships and material abundance.
  3. Eyes: the meaning of moles on the face, they are usually special but when they are around the eyes this is enhanced. The moles in this area of ​​the face show that we are dealing with a very talented person and above all wise. If the skin mark is near the corner of the eyes, it means that he is a noble, intelligent and upright person.
  4. Nose: If you have a mole on your nose, good fortune surrounds you. But be careful if the brand appears on the side, you may be going through professional or family setbacks.
  5. Cheeks: the meaning of moles on the face, specifically on the cheeks, describe a person with an intellectual profile, lovers of art and knowledge. On the other hand, you should also keep in mind that if the mole is on the right cheek, it speaks of a mystical and religious person and if the mark is present on the left side, it is usually an unstable person.
  6. Ears: They are usually quite common and the best thing is that they mark a path of life full of good fortune, especially in economic and professional terms.
  7. Lips: a classic that many associate with sensuality, but the reality is that the meaning of moles on the face, specifically on the lip, speak of a noble person, with a good heart. They are usually people with a high ambition to improve and improve day by day.

As we can see, the meaning of moles on the face is varied and will be directly crossed by the location of these marks on our face. The important thing is that in most cases they are signs of good fortune, so if you were not very happy with that little dot of color on your cheek, lip or forehead, you can consider yourself lucky to have it.

What is the meaning of moles on the rest of the body?

Delving into the meaning of moles on the face, We were discovering the symbology of these skin marks along the body and we did not want to stop mentioning some curiosities.

For example if you are one of the people who has shoulders full of molesYou should know that if it is the case of your right shoulder, it shows that you are adventurous and risky, but if they are on the left, then everything is the opposite. In the case of moles on the backdemarcate personalities with very little patience and not very given to interpersonal relationships.

When it’s the turn of moles on the chest, we are dealing with people who are not very interested in the opinions that the rest of the world has about their lives. Secondly if you have a mole on your arms You are clearly a person intense in your emotions, with a very passionate character and a constant desire to be in a relationship.

Giving way to handsHaving a mole in this part of the body speaks of people who enjoy both good health and possible material abundance. Bearing this in mind, it is likely that you are already checking your hands to check if there is no mole that you have not noticed. noticed.

Finally in the case of moles on the feetusually belong to people with a melancholic mood and somewhat unstable.

Moles: let us go unnoticed

When we talk about the meaning of moles on the face, although there is a metaphysical character that generates a lot of curiosity and that we describe in detail throughout this note. We cannot neglect the other meaning of moles on the face or anywhere else on the body.

we mean that We must be aware of the shapes, colors, textures and location of our moles as some may be susceptible to becoming malignant and may become the focus of possible skin cancer. For this reason, it is very important that we do a recurring self-examination of our moles, trying to detect possible changes in their characteristics.

For example, an alarm signal is the changes in its color, if you see that a mole is changing color from the outside to the center and its shape is irregular and asymmetric, it is important that you have it seen by a doctor.

Moles: points on a body map

Understanding the meaning of moles on the face as well as on the rest of the body can become an art in itself. As we mentioned at the beginning of this note, the reading of moles is ancient, for thousands of years we have been trying to decipher what these points scattered on the skin mean to us, which some have come to associate as a kind of star map on the body. , as if our skin were a universe in itself.

We invite you to detail them, identify them and understand why those brands are there and tell us for yourself. what is the meaning of moles on the face and the rest of your body.