What is the meaning of candles: how to interpret their flames and colors

Many names are attributed to the ability to interpret the meaning of the candles, and one of these is lictomancy. Although for this case it is about knowing how to interpret the meaning of the candles consumed, the truth is that their colors and their flame have an interpretation. That is why we will talk about the meanings that candles have, the colors, when burning and the shape of the flames.

Meaning of the candles when consumed

Before understanding the meaning of candles burning, the following aspects must be kept in mind:

The way the wax falls.

From which part the sera falls and towards which part it goes.

Amount of wax spilled at one time.

The path that the drop of wax has made on the candle when it falls.

Forms that the wax acquires when it cools.

wax drops

Once the aforementioned details are kept in mind, we proceed to first determine the meaning of the candle wax.

Determining that an answer is affirmative or a Yes, occurs at the moment that a drop of wax falls towards the right side of the candle. Now, the answer will be negative or a No, at the moment that the drop of wax falls to the left of the candle.

In the event that many drops fall at the same time, also known as “candle tears”, it means that the proposed objectives will have problems to be met. Likewise, when the drop of wax has suddenly changed direction, it means that the question cannot be answered. And in this case you should rethink the question you want to ask.

If it happens that several drops of the wax have fallen from different parts and these are all in a single point, it is interpreted as difficulties. That is, it refers to problems that must be solved, but attention must be paid to the last drop that reaches the end of the candle. By falling to the right side, it means that the person will get help to solve those problems.

However, when that last drop falls to the left of the candle, it means that the person will be alone in solving those problems. On the other hand, if one of the drops is divided when falling through the candle, it means that moments of tranquility and peace are coming.

The speed with which the wax falls is also important, if it falls too fast it means that the same problems will persist. When it falls slowly it means that the problems will be solved soon.

remains of the candles

Talking about the interpretation of candles not only focuses on the drops of wax, but also takes into account the meaning of the remains of the wax of the candles with images. Keeping in mind that when the candles leave very little wax, it means that the interpretation will be positive. Apart from that it is also an indication that the established objectives will be on the right track.

Some of the most common forms of candle wax to be interpreted in a reading, and which correspond to the dictionary of candle remains are:

Square: With the help of other people, the problems that arise will have a long-term solution.

Rectangular: Success will be present in everything related to work, health and also the economy.

Circular: Its meaning is that things should be left for another moment, since nothing would go well. Adding also that there will be no help to face them.

Moon: It is a figure in the candles that announces health problems.

Fan: Fan shapes in the candles are interpreted as surprises that will come to those who make the query.

Bacchus: A figure like this in the candles announces the inheritance of something. It does not necessarily have to be a material good, it can also be teachings.

Bee: Luck in games of chance.

Ring: Economic benefits.

Mouth: Deception of a close person.

Spider: Announces difficult times.

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candle flame

In the meaning of the candle wick, as well as for the interpretation of the flame, the behavior of the candle since it is lit is taken into account.

– Difficulty lighting candles: This is usually interpreted as the environment being charged with negative energy.

– Noise when turning on: It means that at that moment some spiritual beings are trying to communicate.

– Normal flame in candles: Normally, the flame in candles has a medium size, that is, not so low or so high. Being this interpreted as everything is going as planned.

– Movement in the flame: It could be a lack of focus on the request being made or that it will have big changes.

– Short flame in the candles: Lack of concentration or energy at the time of making the request or query.

– High fire or high flame: The vibrations are good and the energy will help the objectives to be met.

– Unusual behavior or movement in the flame: Announces dangers.

– Inclination of the flame to the right: Good news.

– Direction of the flame to the left: Negative results and precautions must be taken.

Those who want to know the meaning of candle flames in love must take into account all the behaviors mentioned above. Especially when it comes to asking Yes and No questions.

candle colors

Another thing that is also taken into account is the meaning of colored candles.

Blue: Calm and reflection.

Red: Courage, passion, security, strength and dominance.

Yellow: Material goods and money.

Celeste: It is a color in candles that is associated with emotions and helps improve agreements.

Orange: Power, Intelligence, fertility and creativity.

Rosa: Friendship and union, apart from the fact that it also attracts good health.

Gold: Beginnings, wisdom and renewal.

Brown: This is a color in candles that is related to inconvenience.

Green: Health and growth.

Black: Culmination of something.

White: Purity.

Gray or silver: Protection.

Purple: Spiritual energy.

Seven-color candles: Made up of the colors of a rainbow, they represent harmony, well-being, strength, good luck and prosperity.


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