What is the meaning of butterflies in tattoos?

The meaning of butterflies in tattoos It is much deeper than it may seem at first glance. If you are thinking of getting one, keep reading this article because we will tell you everything you need to know about these insects.

For those looking to discover the meaning of butterflies in tattoos and what they have to reflect on the personal history of each of the subjects who wear it on their skin, it is necessary to clarify, in principle, that there are different types and that the messages can vary based on this.

Before, to get a tattoo, a reason was sought. Nowadays they are common currency and there is no longer any question of “what is the meaning” of that symbol that will be worn forever engraved on the skin. Nevertheless, the meaning of butterflies in tattoos is very special.

Clarified this, it must be said that butterflies in tattoos are quite common. There are many subjects who choose them to leave them embodied forever on their skin and it could be said that it is one of the most chosen designs.

And this is not illogical since butterflies are one of the most striking and beautiful insects that exist. This is not only due to their radiant colors in some cases, but also because They are a symbol of freedom and transformation.

Throughout history, and even today, they have captured human attention. It is one of the insects that do not go unnoticed. Every time a person sees them, they are likely to stare at them and stare at their beauty and flight for a few minutes. Except for people who have phobias about them, no one can resist their beauty.

Perhaps this is why the meaning of butterflies is not just one and will vary according to each religion, culture and belief. Even for this reason, insects have also been linked to esoteric issues and the mythology of man. In addition, different factors such as color, shape, position, among others, are taken into account.

That is why it has been tried to provide a meaning of butterflies in tattoos, being able to unite the message that these insects have in themselves, but now being in the skin of people, among which can be mentioned symbols of transformation, change and freedom, even death and fatalities. Let’s get to know a little more.

The meaning of butterflies in tattoos according to the type

Butterflies are lepidoptera, belonging to the order of holometabolos, higher insects, which, throughout their lives they undergo a series of complex transformations known as metamorphosisin which the stages of embryo, larva, pupa and imago follow one another.

Taking into account that spread throughout the world, except in Antarctica, It is known that there are many types of existing butterflies. There are different groups of superfamilies, which at the same time are divided into families, subfamilies, genera, species and subspecies, so there are about 24,000 different species of these insects.

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However, some scientific research has shown that some types of butterflies, such as the monarch, have migrated from those territories in which they always lived, in response to global warming, which is an alert for people and their unsustainable actions .

For example, in America the population of this type of butterfly has decreased considerably. Until a few years ago it was estimated that the loss was up to 90%, just as it happens with other existing families and groups. This is due to the felling of trees, deforestation, climate change and low temperatures.

Taking into account the diversity of existing species, the meaning of butterflies in tattoos will depend on the type of insect chosen. However, there are some approaches and meanings that can be said to be the best known.

Butterflies in tattoos have already become a classic. In fact, many stars in the world of entertainment, music and art, for example, have one of them, although each one has a different symbolic load.

psychological meaning

One of the meanings of butterflies in tattoos is linked to change processes. It is probable that from this aspect people have gone through a very distressing period but have managed to transform it and keep the positive and the learning.

The butterfly in tattoos in this case, comes to represent a symbol of rebirth and transcendence for man. His ability to rise.

Religious and cultural significance

As we mentioned before, the meaning according to the cultures could not be missing. And it is that for many religions these insects represent the departure of the earthly body to divine life. In this case, the meaning of butterflies in tattoos could represent the rebirth of a person: just as the butterfly goes through several stages until it becomes such, a subject can leave behind their conflicts to adapt and be a better version of themselves.

On the other hand, for example, for the Christian religion it has to do with a symbol of resurrection. Instead, for Feng Shui they are signs of love and freedom.

Meaning by colors

If we talk about the meaning of butterflies in tattoos, color is another factor that determines the interpretation of it. In general, some shades can be highlighted, although everything will vary according to the culture.

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Before describing them, It is necessary to mention the butterflies in tattoos in some cases they are usually of different colors. However, there is always one that will prevail over the rest.

That is the tonality that must be taken into account to know the meaning.

-Black. Although in general terms it has to do with the negative issues, Whether they are obstacles to the realization of a project or some fatality, it will depend, like everything else, on the culture. For example for the china represent deathso the butterflies in tattoos in this case can represent the loss of some very important person.

For the Aztecs butterflies represent the goddess Itzpapalotl, mother of war and patron saint of deathcamouflaged as a butterfly to carry souls during a solar eclipse.

-White. In this case, the butterflies are symbol of change, of personal and spiritual transformation for the person. In addition, as is common with this color, it is synonymous with innocence and peace.

-Yellow. They are usually chosen by people who want to have fun and be happy. The tattoos of these yellow insects are related to creativity, success and happiness.

-Orange. They can be symbols of excitement and passion and a reminder for people to be happy and joyful.

-Violet. They represent the stability and harmony towards oneself, and towards the rest of the people with whom a subject is linked.

-Blue. Prosperity and fortune. yes of smeaning of butterflies in tattoos we speak, these represent a symbol of the good luck.

-Brown. Start of something new. Some people choose this type of tattoo to mark their skin in beginning of a process that has changed his life.

-Monarchs. Its color is bright orange, with black lines. A tattoo of this type of butterfly invites the person to to reconnect with courage, deep desires and passions, to have the courage to carry out dreams that have been postponed for a long time.

You already know the meaning of butterflies in tattoos according to the type of butterflies. Have you been attracted to these insects? Do you have or know someone with this type of design on their skin?

Source: WWF, Mongabay and Cosmopolitan