What is the “fifth dimension” and how to recognize if you are entering it

For physics, dimensions are related to the length, extent and volume of objects: we live in a “three dimensional” world. However, physics is something so incredible that it has kept many awake for centuries; both to scientists and to those who are more interested in the spiritual part of our existence.

For some of them, other dimensions exist on a plane that we cannot see with our eyes. We refer to the dimensions that have to do with our spiritual evolution and that are not places in themselves, but states of consciousness.

When it is said that someone is in the fourth or fifth dimension, it means that even being in the same physical place, they can perceive more or less aspects of reality. What does it depend on? Of the state of consciousness of the observer; the older he is, the greater dimensions of reality he will perceive.

What is the third, fourth and fifth dimension?

The third dimension has to do with the most material part of reality; it is the dimension in which we are normally. That is to say that someone who is spiritually here is possibly focused on this physical plane. As our consciousness expands more, we are able to perceive other aspects of reality besides the material and then we move to the fourth dimension, where the emotional begins to be taken into account. We open ourselves to perceiving feelings and thoughts; each with a different clarity and intensity.

The fifth dimension involves an even greater expansion of consciousness that is related to the perception that all is one. It is a great change of consciousness that has to do with understanding that we are part of the whole.

You can be living it now. Learn how to recognize it with the following signs.

1. You feel that something that you cannot explain well has changed

Although everything on the outer level may remain the same, perhaps you have begun to feel that something inside you has changed. You no longer look at everything in the same way, perhaps you can feel more serene, or simply strange, as if you had become an observer of everything, including yourself. You feel that everything is seen more clearly, but you no longer feel that you occupy the same place as before. That can generate tranquility, but at the same time, a little bewilderment.

2. You begin to accept how things are, beyond how you want them to be

In this dimension, you are beginning to experience a moment of openness, expansion and acceptance. We no longer worry so much about making the best decision, as we understand that we must resonate with our destiny. We begin to live the delivery, and to feel that if we let ourselves flow, life moves us towards the path that we must cross, without forcing against it.

3. Your reasoning is more spiritual

You have already gone through the feelings of guilt, of victimization, of “bad luck”; but now you begin to understand that everything has its meaning, that nothing happens by chance and that there is learning from each of them waiting for you. Whether it’s helping you heal, showing you something you need to work on, or just pointing out where to go next; each person or situation is unique and deserves your attention. That is why, possibly, your explanations already have another depth, and can go beyond the physical plane.

4. The world seems to be a better place

When you begin to vibrate in the fifth dimension of consciousness, the world will seem to be a pleasant place, the people you meet will open doors for you, and you will feel fuller, because you have come out of physical oppressions to see beyond, and everything becomes much lighter.

It can also happen that you find yourself going through some intense or difficult experience, but be patient, as soon as love begins to awaken we will be able to achieve healing and everything that happens to us will have been a great learning of love, empathy and trust in the universe.

Transcendence Through the 5th Dimension

There are 5 Estates of the Universe, on which all universal creation is based: love, wisdom, will, evolution and co-creation, love being the first estate, from which all emotions and all dimensions of the Universe emanate.

In the fifth dimension, the Being can contemplate himself in all his creative processes: the entities that live in the fifth dimension understand what has happened, what is happening and what will happen, without judgments about what is bad or bad. well, since everything is transformed evolutionarily.

However, in the third dimension we experience separately all the emotions that from the fifth dimension are one.

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And you, in what dimension do you think you are?