What is the emotional meaning of a panic attack

Not long ago, having a panic attack was not as common as it is today. This only shows us that we are choosing ways of living that are often very demanding of ourselves, that make us go after expectations or goals that put pressure on us and take away our well-being in order to reach a goal that seems increasingly distant.

Why do we say this? Because anxiety, in itself, fulfills a function. At a nervous level, it triggers an alarm in our system and puts us on alert in the face of a danger that requires all our senses to be able to react.

When these sensations of fear or the need to flee become very recurrent and the real and imaginary threat (product of our mind) begin to confuse, anxiety appears and, with it, anguish.

Tachycardia, rapid breathing, a feeling of suffocation, tremors, sweating, and nausea are some of the symptoms that may occur on these occasions.

But what is the meaning behind a panic attack? In the first place, it is necessary to highlight that it will be linked to the history of each one. However, it is possible to point out some general emotional meanings:

– Feeling of being unappreciated

– Feeling of helplessness or helplessness

– Difficulty expressing what I feel or need

– Fear of failure (self demanding)

– Lack of trust

– Excessive comparison with others

– Fear of living for fear of dying

The fear you feel in a panic attack is real, so the body acts the same way it does when faced with a threat. That is why it is so important to be able to work on the emotional meanings behind it and recover calm. For that, a personal, interior and deep approach is necessary, since many times the fears that are manifested have roots in our first years of life.

We have to learn to trust ourselves more, in what we want, beyond what is expected of us, or even our own expectations.

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