What is the Day Out of Time and why could it change your life?

July 26 in the Gregorian calendar coincides with the celebration of the Mayan New Year, which extends until July 24 of the following year. But what about July 25? This is the so-called “Day out of Time”.

For them, the time of the earth is in tune with the frequencies of the universe. Therefore, a year lasts what for us would be 13 months of 28 days; exactly the time it takes for the earth to make a complete turn around the Sun, according to the lunar cycles (that is why a year in the Mayan calendar is equivalent to 13 full moons). But, if you count correctly, you will see that 13 months of 28 days gives a result of 364, leaving one as “the missing day”.

On that day, the Sun synchronizes with the brightest star in the sky (Sirius) and begins a solar revolution of the earth. Sirius represents intuition, the secret sun; therefore, on that day all the energies of the year come together. For the Mayans this was very special, and that is why they considered it an optimal moment to prepare the soul, purify the spirit, reflect and meditate before beginning a new cycle. Precisely because of the cleansing and healing rituals with Mother Earth, the Day Out of Time is also known as “green day”.

Three circles that represent art, science and spirituality within a larger one that symbolizes culture, make up the emblem of the date, which is the flag of peace. On this day, in addition, the prayer is made to the seven directions in a counterclockwise direction.

1. THIS. From the East House of Light, may wisdom dawn upon us so that we may see things clearly.

2. NORTH. From the North House of Night, may wisdom mature among us so that we know everything from within.

3. WEST. From the West House of Transformation, may wisdom be transformed into right action so that we do what needs to be done.

4. SOUTH. From the South House of the Eternal Sun, may the correct action give us the harvest so that we can enjoy the fruits of the planetary being.

5. HEAVEN. From the Upper House of Paradise, where star people and ancestors gather, may their blessings come to us now.

6. EARTH. From the Lower House of the Earth, may the crystal heartbeat of the planet bless us with its harmonies so that we end wars.

7. HEART. From the Central Source of the Galaxy, which is everywhere and at the same time, may everything be recognized as light of mutual love.

There are many who maintain that the Gregorian calendar, which we use by imposition of Pope Gregory XIII, is not in sync with the time of the Universe, since we count that the Earth goes around the sun for 365 days, and every four years we add a day plus. This gives rise to a mismatch that affects, as some believe, our perception of the environment and reality itself. If we took a calendar like the Mayan, we could possibly begin to perceive the synchronicities that happen to us more clearly.

Today, that day is a time to celebrate life, love, peace, forgiveness, art (in fact his philosophy is “time is art”); to remember that everything in the Universe is perfectly connected, and that we still have time to take a different course in our way of life.