What is the Californian massage? |

Californian massage is a relaxation massage technique with fluid and harmonious long movements, with effleurages and with pressures that slide on scented oils. Californian massage encompasses a great diversity of massage methods from around the world to make a relaxing massage, which eliminates stress and releases muscle tension. Keep reading this post to know what the Californian massage consists of?

This massage emerged in the 70s in the USA. It is the most used in most beauty centers and spas. Try to provide customers with a deep relaxation both physical and mental.

It was Margaret Elke who greatly contributed to building Californian massage into an organized system.

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How is it different from other massages?

What differentiates it from other massages is the methodology. During the session, the therapist holistically harmonizes his energy with that of the patient, merging and thus creating a vibrational environment that will allow you to let go and free yourself from stress and accumulated tensions. The vibrations will allow both physically and emotionally, healing and releasing the most sensitive parts of the body.

To do this, the therapist will begin the session with a brief conversation with the patient. As the session progresses, silence will take over the space for the therapist to go into meditation, connecting in this way the intuition and the heart in his hands and merging with energies.

How to carry out the Californian massage?

To start the Californian massage we must start with a series of soft touches. This will create a sensitive and trusting environment that allows us a better connection with the body.

As the session progresses, movements will take longerthat is, they will be longer, thus creating a relaxation in the nervous system.

Then, we will continue using other techniques that can be done with the elbows and forearms to emphasize deeper muscles of our organism.

How is the Californian massage?

They can be chosen different intensitiesIt’s either to tone up or distribute the energy that we’ve been talking about in this post about Californian massage. Thanks to this, it is possible to better understand emotions.

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Steps for the Californian massage

Before carrying out the massage itself, it is necessary to talk to the patient and let them know that this type of massage, such as the Californian massage, is based on three pillars: conscious contact, breath and presence. In addition, it focuses primarily on a massage with long movements. Once this introduction has been made as the first contact with the client, we will address the following steps in this order:

  • First of all, it you must distribute the oil with the help of your hands of the therapist using long movements on each side of the spine until reaching the sacrum.
  • there you open to the sidesyou go up through the paraspinals again and then you open by separating the shoulder blades, skirting all the shapes of the shoulders and together to exit through the neck. It is essential that the patient becomes aware of his breathing.
  • Next, we will perform the step known as enveloping wave. It is about sliding the hands back from the paravertebral to the sacrum.
  • Once you reach the sides you should continue doing the arms. Similarly, you must repeat the previous step but in reverse, that is, to the other side, This is how the sensation of an enveloping wave begins to be created.
  • Subsequently, you must descend from the head to the feet. To do this, you first focus on the left side of the body and begin to climb from the foot towards the back, skirting the shoulder blade. Then on the right side. Pay attention to hip movements. You may vary the pressure during movements.

How to finish the Californian massage?

Finally, you must re-cover the patient with the sheet. On this occasion you must perform a series of dry touches so that you can become more aware. This is greeted with a feeling of greater spaciousness and freedom. Help to build trust. It is absolutely necessary for release control of our body and hand it over to the masseur/therapist, to deeper relaxation.

What are the benefits of Californian massage?

  • Relieve tensions daily, reducing stress.
  • serves for unblock contracturesmuscular tensions, injury recovery.
  • Improves blood circulation, helping oxygenate every part of your body.
  • You eliminate toxins.
  • Improve your muscle tone, body position, create body amplitude, become aware of breathing.
  • On a psychological level, receiving this massage generates a feeling of well-beingvitality, joy, renewal…
  • Gives support in a time of emotional stress, such as depression or general demotivation.
  • Recommended for pregnant women during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

How can I study to perform the Californian massage?

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