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Know what personal identity is and examples of this

Have you ever asked yourself ‘who am I’ or have you thought about who you will be in the future? These questions have been the subject of reflection and debate throughout history, particularly by philosophers who have immersed themselves in the search for knowledge of the nature of the human being.


Questions like “What does it mean to be a person?” or “Do I matter?” they have occupied philosophers and created lines of thought that we still grapple with in our society. Are you interested in knowing about what is personal identity and examples her? If so, don’t stop reading!

Most people feel that they want to endure in some way, both in life and beyond death. The philosophy of what is personal identity and examples of it it aims to address these questions of existence and how we even know that we exist through time. Would you like to know more about what is personal identity and examples about her? Let’s see in this post some of her most relevant concepts and examples of her identity.

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What is personal identity?

Personal identity is the concept that you develop about yourself and that evolves throughout your life. It can include aspects of your life that you have no control over, such as where you grew up or the color of your skin, as well as the choices you make in life and how you spend your time and what you believe.

We can say that personal identity is a set of features Y items that people acquire through interaction with themselves and with the environment that surrounds them from kids Y teenagers.

In general, ‘what is personal identity’ is a question addressed and explained by many disciplines, not only philosophy, but also psychology or sociology that addresses personal identity in order to arrive at what identity is. collective identity.

It could be said that when we are teenagersand we are in the crisis of puberty, it is where this question most haunts us because it is when we are aware that we must have a Project of life.

Factors that influence personal identity

identity are the features that you believe define you as an individual, this may include items of yourself and the environment that surrounds you or the role you play in it or the social groups in which you operate. The following are illustrative factors involved in identity:

social factors

These factors include nationality, language, culture, and your own beliefs about culture. All this allows an individual to identify himself as a person belonging to a specific social group. For example, if you are Spanish and you travel to China or an Asian country, it is when you feel more aware of your origin and you will not feel identified except with people who speak Spanish like you.

physical factors

They are all those physical traits that you are born with and that, although they can change, still define you. For example, the fact that you are a person with brown skin, light eyes and brown hair. Those can also enter here items also contingent as your way of dressing, speaking or expressing yourself.

Factors that are carried out by choice

It refers to beliefs, tastes, studies, your actions and customs, etc. For example, a person may define themselves as Catholic, with a passion for biology or chemistry, a vegetarian, and an animal lover. All these items They are part of your identity.

Personal identity crisis in the age of social media

Today it has been in crisis again what is personal identity and examples of this is the distortion that people project of their person through social networks. From a Teen even older adults choose to show, many times, realities that are incomplete because they only project what they want.

This leads to a digital identity, that is, the one we create artificially through networks. With filters to improve our appearance, even the option to show something to a group of friends or to all our contacts, all this inevitably distorts the image that we offer to the world from these platforms.

For this reason, many people have mental health problems as a result of this apparently happy world that is lived on the internet. Some because they stop accepting their own personal identitywhat they really are, for wanting to have everything that their digital identity. Yes want to learn more you can deepen this knowledge about what what is personal identity and examples of her with … continue below!

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