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If you like working with children and your aspiration is to be a doctor, your future is clear, you will be a great pediatrician. At we tell you what this profession consists of and what is needed to study Paediatrics.

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The pediatrician is the specialist who takes care of the smallest of the house. The vocation and the effort They will be your two weapons in the battle to dedicate yourself to the profession that you have wanted so much. At we give you the keys to dedicate yourself to it professionally and we discover what it takes to study Paediatrics. We can also help you in your training.

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What is Pediatrics?

Surely you already know what it is, but let’s see what it is. Pediatrics is the medical specialty that deals with the study of growth and development of children up to adolescence, as well as the treatment of their diseases.

It is not a discipline aimed at studying the diseases of a certain organ or system, but rather it is the medicine of a being whose characteristics (physical, mental and social) are very different from those of an adult.

Pediatrics fully addresses the care of children and adolescents in the context of the environment in which they develop. Although it has always been in charge of treating all kinds of diseases, its own development has generated the emergence of subspecialties that are in charge of giving a better service to each case:

  • preventive
  • Social
  • hospitable
  • Pediatric dentistry, pediatric part of Pediatrics.

What age range does Pediatrics include? There is an interesting debate about it. Since they are born they can go to the pediatrician, it is when they stop going where the doubt is. being able to vary between 18 and 20 years old.

What is needed to study Pediatrics

As we have seen, the pediatrician, in addition to treating and curing his patients, maintains and controls the increase and child development. Evaluate your Healthcheck and monitor your feeding to reinforce it in case there are nutritional deficiencies.

But, what is needed to study Pediatrics? When dealing with a branch belonging to Medicine, the main thing is to overcome the Bachelor of Science and then have the necessary cut-off mark in the university entrance exams.

Once you get the Medicine Degree, which already supposes an effort of at least 6 years of studies, you must complete the MIR Specialist in Pediatrics. This requires another 4 years of training as a resident in a health institution. Once the 4 years of residency have elapsed, pediatricians usually stay to work in the position they had held at that time. In case it does not pass, they go to a job bank of the specialty they had done.

Requirements to be admitted to the MIR exams

Some of the requirements to present to the tests are:

  • Be Spanish or a national of member countries of the European Union (directive 93/16/CEE of the Council, of April 5) or the European Economic Area, citizens of other countries that have signed a Cultural Cooperation Agreement with Spain (in force).
  • In all cases, foreign citizens of third countries who prove the status of spouses or descendants of Spanish citizens or citizens of other member states of the European Union, will be considered in the same way, in the terms provided in Article 37 of the Law 55/1999, of December 29 (BOE of the following day 30), of Fiscal, Administrative and Social Order Measures
  • Introduce the instance or request enabled for this purpose during the established period.
  • Pay the participation rights (around €30). Applicants who appear as job seekers in the terms provided in Article 17 of Law 50/1998 of December 30 (BOE of day 31) are exempt from payment of the fee for examination rights. Applicants who prove a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33% are also exempt from paying the fee.