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Within any industry or company, the function main of his policies is that the product, good or service that is generated reaches the market and its consumers. This process is called marketing, so if you are interested in learning more about it, we ask you to continue reading.

As we said before, marketing, in more or less words, is the series of actions financial or in another field that companies carry out to make their product known in the market, for which we will dedicate this article to trying to know what is marketing in a company, what are its characteristics and its importance; Therefore, we invite you to continue reviewing the article and find out more about this topic.

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What is marketing in a company?

marketing, in definition, It is about the actions or activities that are carried out by companies to market or make their products known to the general public and thus obtain more consumers.

In general, it what is marketing in a company It materializes in the activity of sale between the bidders and the purchasers of the product, since this act is fundamental in the market of goods, services and others.

Types of Marketing Strategies

Among the strategies of what is marketing in a company we can find 4 that are the most common:

product strategies

Once the product is created and with its description, we proceed to these strategies that are linked to the actions that will be carried out in favor of that product. productthat is, establishing why the product created is better than that of the competition, how to make customers use the product, etc.

pricing strategies

These strategies are based on the idea that before establishing the price financial of a product should be analyzed those important elements such as: costs of variables, costs of production fixed costs and others, which are the determinants to know the advantages and lucrative income that the company will obtain with the sale of the product.

Consequently, this type of strategy must be designed for a certain period of time in order to know the significant income that the creation and production of the service or product will give the company.

Distribution Strategies

within the what is marketing in a company and distribution strategies, it is evaluated that it is not only enough that the product is sold, but that it must be accessible to the consumer.

Therefore, this type of strategy focuses directly on how the product should be distributed, in which areas, the costs of transportationif internet sales are viable, if it is going to be necessary to use dedicated companies to distribution and shipment as amazoncontracting wholesalers, Logisticsetc.

Communication strategies

The plan of communication strategies is aimed at getting the message across to the customer, highlighting the benefits that the product or service offered by the industry or company will generate for him, either for a moment or as an effective tool in his daily life.

That is why communication strategies will make use of advertising, social networks and other available methods to make the product known to the consuming public.

Marketing levels

Two levels of marketing are usually distinguished:

  • Micromarketing: This refers to the activities of a company whose purpose is to satisfy the needs of its customers.
  • Macromarketing: it refers to the offers and demands of producers and consumers in the dynamics of the internal market of a society or at a global level.

In short, what is the marketing of a company, in general terms, we could see it as the actions and strategies used by a given industry at different market levels (national, local or international) to publicize and sell the goods and products that it generates, satisfying the demands of the public.

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