What is it that identifies you? The first 3 words you find will tell you who you are!

What are your priorities? What are your virtues and your defects?

This test will help you find out. You must look carefully at the alphabet soup, and write down the words you find.

The first three words you discover in this soup will define different aspects of your personality: what you like, how you face life, what makes you happy.

Write down the words you find so you don’t forget them. Let’s start playing!


You are a person full of enthusiasm. Curious, intense and above all things, a free soul. One of your virtues is to always be looking for the bright side of things.

On the other hand, you can be messy and a bit reckless. You need a little order in your life.


You are affectionate and very kind, you always think about what others need. Among your virtues, your ability to have and generate empathy stands out. It is not difficult for you to relate to others and you always do it from the heart.

The problem is getting too involved. Be careful and learn to separate your own life from the problems of others and everything will be fine.


You like to improve yourself every day and always be one step ahead of what is expected of you. That is why you are someone very capable, who is always at the forefront.

The counterpart of this is that sometimes you are too demanding with yourself: you punish yourself for not being perfect. You must begin to accept yourself as you are.


Your strength and your ability to get up wiser after each defeat is what characterizes you. That makes you a person who advances without ceasing, and who has a braver spirit every day.

The defect is that sometimes you forget that you cannot advance alone. If you achieve good teamwork you will go further than you imagine.


For you, loved ones are the most important thing a person has. That is why you will be the iron companion for them and you will never fail them. Your virtue is your ability to stay true to your ideas and your relationships.

On the other hand, you can be a bit intolerant of those who think differently from you, or who do not share your moral values. You must work on tolerance.


You are a very authentic person, who is always spontaneous in the way you act. One of your virtues is always finding a new solution to problems and things.

The problem is that sometimes you find it hard to find your place in the world, especially within a group. You find it difficult to adjust to a rigid environment.

Dreamer / Dreamer

For you, everything good comes from your head. That is why, in addition to being imaginative, you are a very mental person and with things clear. You have the virtue of being able to visualize what you want and get there.

Your problem is that you disperse easily, and it is difficult for you to follow a fixed course when you discover another possible path. Focusing on one thing at a time is your challenge.


You are positive and brave, and you understand that everything in life happens for a reason. Your virtue is your ability to remain calm even in the most difficult situations and come out of them a little better than when you entered.

The bad thing is that sometimes you are too naive, and you do not observe things that seem obvious. This leads you to make predictable mistakes, which you were not able to anticipate.


Yours is balance and the search for tranquility. Your virtue is that ability to avoid conflicts, and solve those of others. Always with a sensible word or a kind gesture.

The bad thing is that because of your need to remain unperturbed you can end up missing out on great moments. Don’t let safety always beat the adventurer in you.


You are someone who, when you want something, the first thing you do is perfect yourself so you can achieve it. You know exactly which way to go, you analyze every detail and they will hardly defeat you.

Your flaw is that sometimes on the way to the finish you can get a little aggressive with the competition. You want to be better, no matter what the cost. Try not to hurt the feelings of others.