What is green computing or green IT? Advantages of sustainable technology

Green marketing is becoming increasingly important, as consumers are increasingly aware of the environment and sustainability.

For companies that want to be greener, energy consumption is a key issue. And since technology accounts for a good part of this consumption, the green IT or green computing It has become an essential trend. We tell you what it is and what it can contribute to the company.

What is green computing or green IT?

Green computing or green IT emerged in 1992 due to a program by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to recognize and promote the energy efficiency of different technologies. Starting in 2000, with the spread of the Internet and personal computers, this concept began to become popular among the general public.

The term green IT encompasses both sustainable technological products and services and ICT use strategies that preserve natural and energy resources.

We can apply green computing measures at different steps in the life of a product, such as:

  • Produce hardware more efficiently in terms of resources and energy.
  • Manufacture products with longer warranties and longer life cycles.
  • Create more efficient products in terms of energy consumption and seek usage guidelines that minimize energy consumption.
  • Promote recycling and responsible management of waste derived from ICT.
  • Minimize the use of paper in companies and administration.
  • Virtualize and centralize companies’ computer systems as much as possible, using the cloud whenever possible.
  • Encourage teleworking and video conferencing instead of in-person meetings.
  • Turn off office devices or put them on standby when not in use.

Advantages of green computing for companies

  • Positive impact on the environment. Climate change is one of the biggest concerns today. By implementing green IT in the company, we do our part for a more sustainable future, with lower emissions and less waste.
  • Corporate responsability. Companies have great influence over other actors in society, and it is their obligation to use this power responsibly. The use of green IT in the company is a positive influence that can serve as a driver of social change.
  • Long-term economic savings. Green IT requires an initial investment, since hardware and other efficient solutions usually have a higher price. But in the long run, we will reduce energy consumption and have fewer on-premises systems and more in the cloud, which translates into long-term savings.
  • Improvement of corporate image. Consumers are looking to buy from companies that align with their values, and sustainability matters to them. Companies that take green computing measures and communicate them transparently have more points to gain the trust of consumers and get them to become customers.