What is CSS and what is it for?

Within web design, the CSS language (Cascading Style Sheets) is used, which is used to define and create the presentation of a web page. This code is also closely related to HTML. But what exactly is CSS and what is it for?

Definition of CSS

CSS is a language that was developed by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) in 1996 in order to be able design and present a web page. That is, through this code it is possible to create what the user sees when they access a site.

Difference between HTML and CSS

Although HTML and CSS have a very strong relationship, they are two different codes. HTML is a markup language with which you can create the base and structure of a web page, while CSS creates the aesthetic part and gives it a style. That is to say, HTML is the structural part of a website and CSS is the presentation of this. Consequently, a website with only HTML would look simple, without decoration, which in the user’s eye would be very unattractive and even unprofessional.

What is CSS for a website?

CSS is a tool used to display the information on a web page in a specific way. That is, it is a way of dressing the web. Colors, fonts, font size… All this can be determined through CSS. So, through this language the aim is to achieve a pleasant and positive experience for the user, as well as to convey professionalism. Even differentiating yourself through the design of the competition and other web pages.

How to implement CSS on your website?

There are several ways to implement CSS on a web page. One of them is the internal style, which could increase the loading time of a web page, since everything loads at the same time. Also, the CSS style cannot be used on another page, since it is inside one.

Another option is the external style, which is done externally using a .css file, which allows the same style to be used on different pages. In addition, charging is separate, which would reduce times.

And finally, there is the inline stylewhich works with very specific elements that have the label

In web design it is essential to know the CSS language, since it is what will allow you to personalize a web page and make it unique. In addition, it is the way to improve the user experience.