What is brand awareness?

He brand awareness is an indicator of the marketing strategy of the company that consists of ensuring that the brand is remembered and recognized. It is also known as “brand awareness.”

The goal of brand awareness is to get users to associate a brand with the product category and think about it first, which increases the likelihood that they will choose it over the competition.

Definition of brand awareness

Brand awareness is characterized by three different indicators:

  • The brand awarenessthat is, the brand is known among the target audience.

  • He positive memorythat is, that consumers associate positive values ​​with the brand.

  • He positioningThat is, consumers think of the brand as different from its competition and as having unique and valuable characteristics.

He brand awareness is closely related to branding. Normally, good brand management also generates brand awareness.

Improving the brand awareness of a brand will help us to make it well valued in the market and convince consumers to buy its products, which makes it less dependent on factors such as price, comfort or technical characteristics.

When we measure the brand awarenesswe can distinguish three different degrees:

  • top of mind: the “top of mind” brand is the first one remembered when mentioning a product category.

  • Unassisted recovery– The brand is not the first to be mentioned, but the user is able to remember it and assign it to the correct product category without help.

  • Assisted memory/recognition: The brand falls into this category when the interviewed consumer can only remember it after the interviewer shows it to them.

How to improve the brand awareness of your brand

  • Create distinctive elements. Brand awareness should always start from a good branding study that helps us differentiate our brand and make it unique. To do this, having an attractive, representative and unique logo is essential.

  • Provides real benefits. Brand positioning cannot be based solely on words, it has to start from offering a real advantage that fits well with the customer’s needs. Therefore, the first step will be to know our target audience in depth.

  • Take care of SEO. Nowadays, users tend to turn to online search engines when a need arises. Ranking high for keywords related to needs you can solve will help you be associated with relevant product categories.

  • Use the video format. Audiovisual elements are not only more popular, but also help create an emotional bond and reinforce brand memory.

  • Optimize your social media plan. Being present on social networks means sneaking into users’ daily lives and having continuous interaction with the target audience, which helps us reinforce brand awareness.