What is an SEO consultant and what work do they do?

Do I need an SEO consultant? How can I find one and how can they help me? Let’s clear up all the doubts about this profession.

If you move in the world of online marketing, surely the importance of SEO is not lost on you. But it is such a complex discipline that it is very common to have to resort to the services of a professional. And to guarantee the best results, we first have to understand what the requirements are to be an SEO consultant and how this professional can help us improve the positioning of our websites.

What requirements must an SEO consultant meet?

A SEO consultant is a professional whose work is aimed at improve the positioning of a web pagethat is, making it appear in the top positions of Google and other search engines for the search terms that interest the brand the most.

Today, SEO is a very complex and multidisciplinary area of ​​online marketing, so SEO experts They have to comply with a series of requirements to be able to carry out their work with quality guarantees:

  • A good knowledge of search engine operation. Logically, an SEO consultant has to understand how page crawling and indexing work and what factors influence their positioning. In addition, it must be taken into account that the algorithms of search engines like Google are continually updated, so this professional will have to constantly retrain to stay up to date.
  • A global vision of the different areas of SEO. Search engine optimization covers very different disciplines, from content creation to programming. It is difficult for a single professional to be an expert in all areas of SEO (technical aspects, link building, writing…), but they should have sufficient knowledge of all of them to have a good global vision.
  • Knowledge of programming. At a minimum, an SEO consultant should be proficient in HTML to be able to recognize and modify the different tags that classify the content of a page for search engines.
  • Skill in content creation. Content is one of the key elements of page positioning, so this professional should be familiar with the creation process and be able to advise their clients to create quality content. Sometimes it happens that consultants have a more technical profile and focus on aspects such as the repetition of keywords to the detriment of naturalness, but this is a mistake.
  • Be up to date with the market evolution. As we mentioned before, search engine algorithms are updated frequently, so it is necessary to be able to adapt to changes. Likewise, Google sometimes starts penalizing techniques that were previously considered acceptable, so it’s essential to be aware.
  • Be realistic. If an SEO consultant promises to put us in the first position on Google in a very short time, we must be alert, since it is possible that they are not able to fulfill what they promise or that they are using penalized techniques (“black hat”). SEO must always be seen as a long-term investment.

What services does an SEO consultant offer?

  • Website audit. As a starting point, the SEO consultant It usually performs a detailed analysis of on-page SEO: content optimization, domain, URLs, internal links and much more. This way, we can know where we are starting from and what things need to be improved. Sometimes it is possible to optimize positioning very quickly with a few simple changes.
  • Study of keywords and competition. No analysis would be complete without knowing which are the most interesting search terms in our sector, how our website is positioned for them and what the competition is doing. We must keep in mind that SEO is competitive by nature, so we cannot at any time lose sight of other websites that are struggling to position for the same keywords as us.

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  • Optimization of the technical aspects of the website. Search engines “read” the code on our page, and there are many elements that can facilitate or hinder their work. An SEO consultant can help us improve these technical aspects, from website architecture to URL structure.
  • Optimization of content. The famous maxim “content is king” also applies to SEO. A good consultant knows how to create quality content that balances the requirements for better positioning (titles and headers, image optimization, keyword insertion…) with the naturalness and quality necessary to win over website visitors.
  • Link building strategy. An SEO consultant not only acts on the internal aspects of the website, but also helps improve its reputation by getting links from other sites. It is very important to let ourselves be guided by an expert on this topic, since Google has very strict policies to penalize the creation of fraudulent links.
  • Analysis and reports. After conducting a first optimization of the SEO strategy, it will be necessary to measure the results frequently to see how it is working and what aspects can still be optimized. Normally this takes the form of a long-term relationship with the SEO consultant, who will send reports to the brand and suggest progressive improvements.
  • Maintenance. Creating new content, repairing broken links, adapting to new changes in Google’s algorithm… SEO should be a constant task in the day-to-day life of online marketing, and the SEO consultant can help us direct and implement it.
  • SEM campaigns. As a complementary service, many SEO consultants also offer strategy and execution of advertising campaigns on Google, since they have many elements in common with organic positioning. At a minimum, even if they are entrusted to different professionals, it is necessary to coordinate SEO and SEM initiatives in order to take full advantage of the synergies between them.