What is an eco-village and why would you want to live in it?

Modern life is sometimes exhausting. Although we are used to thinking that certain things are normal or natural (such as going to work every day, traveling for several hours on public transport and paying someone to take away the waste we produce) these are not the only possible ways of doing things. stuff.

Some groups of people do it differently, and the experience is very rewarding. If you are looking for a change in your life, you might want to know what an eco-village, eco-village or eco-community is.

What is an eco-village?

An ecovillage is an intentional community that is intended to be socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable. Its development is based on respect for nature, the use of renewable energies, both food and economic sustainability, recycling and the use of ecological construction materials.

Robert Gilman, in his report “Ecovillages and Sustainable Communities” (1991), offers the following definition:

“An ecovillage or ecovillage is an ecological settlement with its own characteristics, on a human scale, that integrates human activities that do not harm the environment, supporting healthy development and that can be continued into the indefinite future”

Another definition of ecovillage was accepted in Denmark when different projects created a National Eco-Village Organization in 1991:

“The ecovillas or ecovillages are sustainable settlements in rural or urban areas that respect and restore the circulation systems of the four elements: Earth, water, fire and air in nature and in people.”

Ecovillage planning encompasses all aspects of human life:

  • Physical Structures (Earth)
  • Infrastructure (Water)
  • Social Structures (Fire)
  • Culture (Air)

This way of defining an ecovillage has several advantages: it takes up the ancestral wisdom of the entire planet, it gives equal value to all spheres of life.

The ecological and spiritual vision are equally important: an old motto says that “a bird has two wings to fly”.

Own intervention is the measurement tool for ecovillages. Finally we get a definition of what “development” really is, which gives meaning back to the word development. All of us are developing towards sustainable habitats, fortunately.

Would you dare to live in a place like this for a while?

If this note interested you, you can visit Auroville, one of the greatest ecovillages on the planet.