What is advertising on LinkedIn or LinkedIn Ads? –

Learn in this video what it is and the benefits of advertising on LinkedIn Ads.

The 12 advantages of advertising with LinkedIn Ads

Linkedin and the LinkedIn Ads They have their own characteristics that make them different from other social networks. Those qualities are an added advantage when advertising your company with LinkedIn ads.

  • Business opportunities. LinkedIn Ads can help you reach professional clients, or people in the same sector who have a direct relationship with decision-making in their companies. It is a great opportunity to connect with a really specific and defined target.

  • Recommend and be recommended by contacts. This social network also offers the possibility of exchanging opinions about contacts. It is a very valid formula to improve your reputation and make others improve theirs by being, in that case, an opinion leader.

  • Opinions, debates, and forums. On LinkedIn there are a lot of specialized groups where you can understand what really interests your target audience. But you can also get involved to understand the latest innovations in the sector and position yourself as someone very relevant within the area of ​​knowledge.

  • Networking and traffic. Networking, or communication with relevant contacts and profiles in your sector, is the great potential of this professional social network. Furthermore, if you decide to share quality content with them, you will be able to obtain quality traffic to your website and blog.

  • Publish job offers. Although job offers can be published on other portals, on LinkedIn you can consult profiles with specific characteristics that already use the social network as support for their resume in digital format. It will be difficult for you to miss the details of suitable candidates.

  • Professionals who provide you with other knowledge. The professional social network is full of talents in your sector. You can learn from them, as well as have them as references to implement ideas and improvements in your company.

  • Relate to other social networks or your blog. LinkedIn can be another communication channel. It is easily integrated into your website and can complement it. At the same time, it can help you generate content on other social media.

  • Promote courses, seminars, conferences. If you are going to carry out a specific training action, LinkedIn is the best place to recruit audiences and/or potential students interested in attending.

LinkedIn advertising campaign objectives

We find that marketing objectives are structured into three levels, as in other advertising platforms: awareness, perception and conversions.



  • Interaction: ads focused on reinforcing interactions with our content: likes, shares, comments.


  • Website Conversions: Ads focused on driving traffic to our website and performing a specific action, for example registering for a webinar or downloading a study.

  • Job application: Very characteristic type of LinkedIn ad, focused on getting job applications.

LinkedIn Ads Costs

Some companies that have tried LinkedIn Ads without knowing much about how campaigns work on this social media come to the conclusion that advertising on LinkedIn is expensive.

Remember that the most important thing is not what you pay for a click or impressions, The important thing for a successful campaign is conversions.

What is expensive if you compare it on other social networks? Example: lead at 25 euros. If you have an investment of 500 euros, it means that you will have obtained 20 leads, but if 3 of them become clients and generate a total profit of 5,000 euros, it will have been worth investing 500 euros at 25 euros per lead.

Although we want to explain in detail what the requirements are, we also want to point out that the key to success is optimization.

The factors that determine the price you pay for ads are your target audience, your bidding strategy, your objective, and the ad relevance score.

  1. Target audiences– Bids against other advertisers trying to reach the same LinkedIn members. The cost required to win the auction depends on how attractive your target audience is.
  2. Bid strategy– The bidding strategy you select for your campaign will impact what you pay per key result.
  3. Aim– The objective you choose for your campaign will determine the optimization objectives and bidding strategies available. Your optimization goal and bidding strategy will determine how your campaign loads.
  4. Ad Relevance Index– LinkedIn auction rewards relevant and engaging ads. Your ads’ relevance score increases based on click-through rates, comments, recommendations, and shares. The more relevant your ad is, the lower the price you have to pay.

The types of campaigns that LinkedIn Ads offers you

Single image ads are sponsored content in the typical ad format. Ads include an image and appear directly in the feed of professionals with a LinkedIn profile. It can be on desktop and mobile devices.


Carousel ads allow you to display multiple images in succession in a single carousel-style ad format. Carousel ads can be customized to have unique images, captions, and destination links to help you tell an interactive story on desktop or mobile devices.

Captivate a professional audience with native videos on mobile and desktop devices. Video ads allow you to tell a unique story about your brand, position yourself as a thought leader, or share customer success stories.

Text ads are the most basic option to start advertising your company on LinkedIn. Its main elements are the image, title and description; From there, you can choose between several formats.

Text ads can appear in different places on LinkedIn, such as at the top of the page or in the right column. To attract the attention of your audience and achieve conversions, it is essential to use clear and direct language, choose an attractive image and optimize the headline as much as possible.

With message ads you can reach your potential contacts directly in the inbox or start a conversation through chat.

To ensure that your ads reach the buyer persona in a timely manner, LinkedIn strictly controls the number of times a member receives your message. The idea is that within a campaign you receive it only once or if it is more times, it is because the algorithm sees it appropriate. It is unlikely that the same member will receive your ad twice in a short period of time.

There are message ads and conversation ads.

Follower ads encourage users to follow your LinkedIn page. These ads feature your profile photo next to your company logo, along with the ad text.

When members click on your featured ads, they will instantly be taken to your website or landing page. These dynamic ads are tailored to each user based on their own LinkedIn profile data, such as profile photo, company name or title.

Job ads are a dynamic ad that allows you to personalize your ads, encouraging the best candidates to apply to your company. You can promote more than one candidate or job position.

Surely you have learned a lot about issues about LinkedIn Ads. However, now you are missing the most important thing of all: moving from theory to practice. When will you start your first LinkedIn advertising campaign?