What is advertising on Instagram or Instagram Ads? –

  • There are 15 million profiles in Spain.

  • The latest news are Instagram Shopping and IGTV (Instagram Television).

  • The insertion of links in Stories (although for accounts with more than 10K followers).

  • Spaniards create 150% more content in Stories than the global average.

  • The majority of users are still millennials or centennials. With 66% of people who use Instagram being under 39 years old.

  • Those who mostly post content on Instagram are women (56%), compared to 44% who are men. Although things are becoming more and more even.

  • Instagram has become the perfect place to find new contentarticles, videos, photos of friends, the celebrities they follow, brands, places to travel, etc.

  • The platform allows us to execute campaigns adapted to each phase of the conversion funnel.

  • With such numbers, it is clear that the advertising ads on Instagram or Instagram ads They are a great opportunity for many companies that want to find new clients or make themselves known.

    There are various formulas to establish a campaign, although we will talk about them in the following paragraphs.

    Although the advertising on Instagram is promotion on social networks, not all of them work the same way. That’s why it’s important to understand the basics before you start advertising.

    Instagram Ads will appear in the news feeds of the users you have selected as your target target. These posts will be marked with the Announcements label. To decide whether they appear or not, a selection criterion is followed based on the bid and relevance to the user.

    In addition to what we have just explained to you, it is important to know the Instagram ad types:

    Videos, images and gifs can be used to carry out promotions.