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Right now, hundreds of ports around the world are receiving goods of various kinds. Normally, these arrive on cargo ships that dock at the port waiting for professionals to come and start unloading. But who are those professionals? Specifically, we talk about the port stevedores. These professionals are in charge of goods handlingas well as from the loading and unloading from the same. Would you like to train to be able to work on it? You want to know what is stevedore port and what is its main function?

The merchandise can travel in different ways throughout the world; mainly, in air, land and sea transportation. The maritime represents the best means for those heavy loads due to their extension or quantity. For this reason, stevedoring companies today have a primary place for all ports that receive thousands of large containers for these objects on a daily basis. Would you like to work in one of them?

learn about what is stevedore It contributes so that the work of these people can be carried out in an optimal way by each person interested in the area. In other words: the port stevedores They must have been trained specifically in their sector. Only in this way can we ensure that both the loading and unloading, What handling goods develops correctly. That is why Training has decided to offer you information and training that you cannot miss. Let’s discover it!

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What is a longshoreman?

Explain what is a stevedore does not go beyond a professional who loads or unloads cargo ships in ports. We must understand the longshoreman and his definition as the person who works as operator of all the activities that are carried out to be able to proceed with the unloading and loading of the heavy merchandise complex that is moved daily in the ports in the world by means of cargo ships. The objective is to guarantee the correct handling and, therefore, the state of the products that are transferred in this way until they reach their destination or next transport.

what is stevedore is based on the lashing work which is carried out at that moment in which a product of great size and weight. Likewise, when there is a series of objects of great quantity that are transferred in the port area, it is in charge of their reception or of the load so that it can arrive to another destination.